Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Strive together

In the eighth episode of ‘Tokyo Revengers’ season 2 or ‘Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown‘ Takemichi continues to put his life on the line to fight Taiju. Just when everyone thinks that he is no match for the Black Dragon leader, Takemichi manages to punch him right in the face and brings him to his knees. Meanwhile, Hakkai watches all the action unfold right in front of his eyes and eventually gets motivated by Takemichi’s bravery to join him in his struggle.

Takemichi Fights Taiju

Despite his injuries, Takemichi refuses to give up or accept his defeat. Although Taiju continues to beat him up brutally, the Toman member shows incredible defiance in the face of adversity. He gets punched in the face over and over again but does not take a step back. Eventually, he jumps at the right time and manages to land a direct blow in Taiju’s face that rocks him. As he falls to his knees, everyone in the church just looks at Takemichi shocked by his unbelievable resolve. Takemichi has thought about the sacrifices of his comrades just moments before hitting Taiju.

Despite his struggles, he remains inflexible and refuses to compromise with his principles. He then turns to Hakkai and reassures him that he can talk to him about anything. Hakkai is overwhelmed with emotions and starts crying. He then confesses something that no one saw coming. Hakkai reveals that he has lied to everyone. From a young age, Taiju has been cruel to his siblings. But it was not Hakkai who protected his sister all this time but the other way around.

Even though Yuzuha got twice the beating, she was brave enough to take a stand for his brother who was too afraid to say anything to Taiju. After listening to his confession, Takemichi and Mitsuya still try to motivate their friend and refuse to give up on him. This eventually works as Hakkai realizes that he has suffered enough. He then removes his coat and vows to fight his brother and protect his sister. Luckily, Hakkai is not alone in his struggle as Takemichi, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu stand shoulder to shoulder with him. While Takemichi and Hakkai fight Taiju, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu take on Kokonoi and Inui.

Although Taiju alone beats up Takemichi and Hakkai, they refuse to give up. But the Toman members do not realize that they are fighting against an army. Taiju informs them that he has already called Black Dragon’s Murder Squad and they have surrounded the church from all directions. Now Toman gang members have no escape and they realize that they will have to continue fighting until they truly defeat the Black Dragon or perish while trying to achieve the seemingly impossible. Meanwhile, Yuzuha is moved to tears after watching everyone put their lives on the line for her and Hakkai.

Does Mikey Come to Rescue His Toman Friends?

As the fight gets more intense, Takemichi’s injuries worsen to the point that he can barely fight. But he refuses to give up until Taiju knocks him down. Since his legs are so messed up, it does not take long for the Black Dragon leader to seriously injure Takemichi. Hakkai has been fighting his brother alongside him, so he continues to fight even with his back against the wall. Meanwhile, Mitsuya and Chifuyu also contribute by confronting Kokonoi and Inui.

But Taiju barely shows any signs of slowing down and continues to brutally beat up Hakkai. Interestingly, the younger brother shows incredible defiance after getting inspired by Takemichi’s bravery. Suddenly he feels that he is hearing strange voices in his head. But it turns out that he is not the only one who can hear the sound of an approaching vehicle. The people in the church soon realize that the approaching vehicle is Mikey’s CB250T.

Takemichi wonders who could have possibly called him but also feel excited that they now stand a chance of defeating Black Dragon. But Mitsuya does not feel the same. He reminds Takemichi that they are there only because they have broken the truce with their rivals and Mikey will not see this as a good thing. Mitsuya is worried about Mikey’s opinion of the whole issue. When Toman’s leader finally enters the church, he greets everyone with a smile and asks what they are up to.

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