Are Tommy Paul and Paige Lorenze Still Together?

Image Credit: Tommy Paul/Instagram

With Netflix’s ‘Break Point’ essentially charting every aspect of the life of professional tennis athletes from across the globe, we get a true insight into the way they navigate their daily experiences. After all, it incorporates not just exclusive acuities by key players, their loved ones, coaches, and other team members but also footage of their game to really paint a clear picture of their being. Amongst them was thus Tommy Paul, alongside his trusted entourage — yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about his relationship with Paige Lorenze, we’ve got the details for you.

Tommy Paul and Paige Lorenze’s Journey

It was reportedly back during US Open 2022 that Tommy first came across Paige by sheer chance, just for them to soon end up falling head over heels in love. The truth is the latter had recently graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York and established her own firm by the name of Diary Boy, making her rather well-known in the public sphere already. In fact, she had a few previous high-profile relationships, was a competitive skier, and had a few family members unsure about her intentions toward him. Yet they soon settled matters, and the duo became a couple.

Tommy and Paige actually share a mutual love for horses as well as competitive games, yet it’s their unwavering support for each other professional careers that makes them work out. Since the former is rather introverted, he has a hard time expanding his wings as his brand, but the latter is evidently helping him through it as her entire career revolves around the same. However, her goal is to lead a relatively slower life compared to the hustle-bustle of major cities – she one day hopes to serve as Dairy Hopes’ CEO and creative director while residing on a farm and riding horses.

It hence goes without saying Tommy, a South Jersey farm owner with “roughly 100 chickens, six sheep, two dogs, a horse, and a cat,” is more than excited about a future alongside Paige, but even he is currently focused on his career. Though, like most athletes, he loves it when she can tour alongside him to support him, and he has already dedicated a few wins to her. “I get nervous watching Tommy but not overwhelmed — as long as he’s trying his hardest and putting his heart out on the court,” Paige once candidly told the US Sun. “I’m proud of him either way, win or lose.”

Are Tommy and Paige Still Together?

Of course, from what we can tell through both Taylor and Paige’s respective social media platforms as of writing, they are still very much romantically involved with one another. Their time together until now has admittedly not been easy, yet their conscious decision to continue loving, respecting, and supporting one another despite any obstacle has made all the difference in the world to them. And if you want further proof of the same, you can check out their Instagram profiles, where neither the athlete nor the entrepreneur is shy about showing off their continued relationship.

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