Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 12 Recap: Goodbye, Best Friend

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 12 titled ‘Goodbye, Best Friend,’ the Cinderella play goes just as expected as the titular protagonist and Misuzu finally overcome their differences. Later, Tomo enjoys the Cultural festival with Juinichirou, but when he alludes to his emotions for her, she runs away. In the following days, she continues to avoid him, until Junichirou manages to trick her and confronts her about the feelings they have for each other.

Tomo and Misuzu Perform Well in the Play

Carol, Tomo, and Misuzu’s mothers watch the Cinderella play together at the Cultural festival. Tomo’s entrance is amazing while Misuzu gives a powerful performance. After the play, Junichirou asks Tomo to enjoy the rest of the Cultural festival with him. The two friends end up having a lot of fun but the titular protagonist is caught off guard when Junichirou asks her to dance with him. When they are dancing, he alludes to his feelings for her after which Tomo runs away. From that day onwards, Tomo just acts strangely around Junichirou.

Naturally, Junichirou notices how strange she has been acting lately and asks Misaki for advice. Misaki tells him not to complicate things and just be straightforward about his feelings. Later, he also meets Misuzu one day and tells her that he is in love with Tomo. Junichirou even apologizes to Misuzu for everything. Misuzu is quite shocked that he has been worried about her all this time and advises him that he does not need to be considerate of her in any way.

Do Tomo and Junichirou Confess Feelings for Each Other?

When Tomo finds a note on her seat that invites her for a challenge, she gets really pumped up and immediately heads to the school’s terrace where her challenger is supposedly waiting for her. However, she soon learns that the note has been from Junichirou who wants to talk to her. When they finally meet, he apologizes to her for doing nothing even though he has realized that Tomo has confessed her love for him a long time back but had tried to change the topic by claiming that she only meant it as a friend.

This infuriates the titular protagonist who grabs Junichirou by his collar and enquires if he knew that she has been acting girly just because of him. When he sounds confused, Tomo punches him as hard as she can. But her aggressive behavior does not really change Junichirou’s approach even one bit and he still tells her that he loves her even though he feels that there is a chance that her feelings may have changed by now. Tomo could not possibly gather the courage to discuss anything further and runs away after shouting at Junichirou to shut up.

Tomo then tells Misuzu and Carol about the whole situation and admits that she messed up everything after getting nervous. Misuzu realizes what has been going on and apologizes to her childhood friend. It turns out that she blames herself for keeping Junichirou and Tomo away. In fact, she feels really horrible for asking her friend to act more girly in order to get closer to Junichirou but it is not crystal clear that no one really wanted her to change. Misuzu then asks Tomo to settle everything with Junichirou. Since Tomo knows that it is critical to fix things with Junichirou after what she has done, she immediately rushes to find him.

When they meet again, she asks him to give her one last chance and later confirms that he really loves her. However, she is still unsure what kind of relationship the two of them will share after being best friends for so long. Junichirou then takes Tomo to a shrine where he challenges her for a run to the top of the long stairs. After they reach the top and are trying to catch their breath, Junichirou clarifies that he wants them to remain just as competitive as they have always been with each other. He seems to understand that their relationship is already perfect and they should not give up on things that made them fall in love in the first place.

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