Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 5 Recap: The Girls of the Olston Family

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 5 titled ‘The Girls of the Olston Family, A Feeling I Won’t Give Up & Heart-Pounding! A Gaming Overnighter,’ the titular protagonist, and her childhood friend Misuzu visit Carol’s house and her quite surprised to learn that she is extremely wealthy. The following day, Junichirou informs Tomo about a new game and invites her to his house for a night out. Although she does not know it at the time, Tomo is shocked to learn that no one is at Junichirou’s place when she pays him a visit.

Tomo and Misuzu Visit Carol’s House

During their free time at school, Carol invites Tomo and Misuzu to her house so that the three of them can hang out with each other. Although the two of them were not really prepared for such a sudden rendezvous, they go to the address provided to them by their new friend. Luckily they meet Carol’s mother at the entrance who guided the two of them through the vast property. Carol was naturally waiting for her friends and got excited as soon as she saw them. When she took Tomo and Misuzu to her room, the former was so shocked that she seriously asked Carol if she was a princess.

Misuzu just like always remained quite stoic throughout the visit. Carol showed her childhood pics to Tomo, who noted that her friend had not changed much over the years. The two of them then played a game of Othello in which Carol crushed Tomo. Interestingly, Misuzu had some experience playing the game in the past but that did not prove of much help as Carol easily won again. The three friends spent a memorable time with each other and also got acquainted with Carol’s mother.

At school, Junichirou tells Tomo that he has bought the game she was interested in and asks her to come over to his house that evening so that they can play together. Since there is no school the next day, Junichirou tells her that she can stay over. Tomo agrees to come but soon realizes that they will be together at night. When she approaches Misuzu and Carol for advice, they tell her that she won’t let her back out of it. After she returns home, Tomo asks for her parent’s permission and is surprised that they don’t mind her staying over at Junichirou’s house.

Later that evening, Tomo finally goes to Junichirou’s place and is shocked to learn that the two of them are all alone since his mother won’t be returning that day. She takes a hot bath before they start playing video games, which makes her quite self-conscious. However, they eventually become quite comfortable and play till 9:30 p.m. Although they wish to stay up late, they could barely keep themselves awake. When Junichirou is sleeping, Tomo tries to inspect his face but he ends up hugging her in sleep. The two of them are quite embarrassed the following morning that they slept next to each other the entire night, so they avoid talking to one other as much as possible.

What Rank Does Tomo Get in Midterm Exams?

One regular day, Tomo suddenly learns that the midterm exams are going to be held tomorrow. When she enquires with others, she realizes that Carol and Misuzu had not forgotten about it. In order to help her with the preparation, Misuzu invites her to her house that evening. Interestingly, Junichirou also offers to teach Tomo but Misuzu reminds him that he is usually ranked around 30 while she always emerges as the top student. Tomo is surprised since she usually always tries that Junichirou spends more time with her but this time it seems Misuzu was more concerned about her friend’s exam results and not her love life.

Carol also joins the duo and the three of them study mathematics at Misuzu’s house. When they start attempting questions, Misuzu and Tomo are shocked at Carol’s accuracy and mind-boggling ability to solve complex problems in her head. But Misuzu warns them that the process is just as important and they won’t get marks if they can’t show how they arrived at a particular answer. The three of them study a lot that evening and when the test results are eventually announced, Tomo is glad to get a rank of 70. Meanwhile, Junichirou, Misuzu, and Carol manage to achieve a rank of 54, 2, and 1 respectively.

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