Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 8 Recap: The Night of the Summer Festival

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 8 titled ‘The Night of the Summer Festival & The Distance Between Them,’ the titular protagonist is challenged by Misuzu to go see fireworks with Junichirou. But things take a strange turn after they spend the Summer festival together and Junichirou starts acting weirdly afterward. However, when Carol and Misuzu get caught up in some trouble, the duo join hands to rescue them.

Tomo Sees Fireworks With Junichirou

After Misuzu dares Tomo to go see fireworks with Junichirou during the Summer festival, she visits his house to ask him about it. All Junichirou wants to know is if someone is going to accompany them or not and when Tomo confirms only the two of them will be going, he agrees to go with her. On the day of the festival, Carol visits Misuzu’s home, so that she can take her too to go see the fireworks- even though Misaki is already going with her.

Junichirou waits for Tomo at the Summer festival and when he eventually turns up, he can barely keep his eyes off her. She visits the place wearing a traditional kimono because of the occasion. When the two of them visit the local shops, the vendors don’t even recognize Tomo, whom they fear a lot. They ask Junichirou about her and when one of them learns that the beautiful girl next to him is the same Tomo who used to win every gift in the shop, he takes her photo and sends it to other shopkeepers as a warning.

Unfortunately, that barely helps the vendors and Tomo easily wins every single game she plays and accumulates several gifts. Before the fireworks, Tomo expresses her gratitude for Junichirou’s presence in a manner that he can barely keep his emotions in check and holds her hands as if he wanted to say things. But then he changes the topic and asks her to go see the fireworks which are about to start.

Under the artificially lit-up sky, Tomo feels that this is not the right moment for her to express her feelings to Junichirou. Meanwhile, he is also struggling with the strange emotions that he has for his childhood friend. In order to keep his emotions in check for now and understand his feelings better, Junichirou starts keeping a distance between the two of them. Tomo naturally notices this and becomes quite impatient.

How Does Tomo and Junichirou Rescue Carol and Misuzu?

As Misuzu is heading back home that day, the creepy senior and his friends who were beaten up by Tomo earlier, try to intimidate her. Although she is initially able to scare them a little, it soon becomes evident that she is powerless in front of them. When Carol notices them and tries to intervene, Misuzu refuses to recognize her, probably for her own good. However, Carol still uses a taser to give the creepy senior an electroshock, following which she runs away and hides in a dilapidated factory near the school with Misuzu. They then contact Junichirou for help and also inform him not to bring Tomo with him.

Although Junichirou tries to respect their decision, Tomo notices something is wrong and manages to make him confess to the whole situation. While the creepy seniors are looking to exact revenge on Carol and Misuzu, Tomo along with Junichirou and Misaki rush to help. By the time the creepy senior finds the two of them, Tomo has also arrived at the factory and she beats him up. Meanwhile, Junichirou has barely raised his hand on one of the bullies when Tomo tells him that this is her fight as these culprits tried to go after her friends.

Therefore, he leaves them to Tomo. When Misaki notices Carol changing clothes, he completely misunderstands the whole situation. Infuriated that the creepy seniors crossed all lines, Misaki is on the verge of killing them when Carol and Misuzu rush to clarify things. After beating up the bullies, Tomo goes back home while Misuzu uses this opportunity to threaten them. She tells them that Tomo is the only daughter of Gorou, who runs the infamous Aizawa dojo.

So, if they continue to create problems for Tomo, then things may end up getting very ugly. When the creepy seniors learn about Tomo’s father, they get quite scared and vow to protect her and Misuzu from now on. As she is about to walk back home, Junichirou joins her and mentions how she has smartly manipulated things. The following day, Tomo feels that she blew things up with Junichirou by acting too savagely. But when he greets her normally, she is overjoyed and runs back to school leaving Junichirou behind.

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