Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 9 Recap: The Angel’s True Face

In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 9 ‘The Angel’s True Face,’ the show turns its attention to Misaki, who has struggled for years to open up about his feelings for Carol. In order to get a reaction out of him, Carol spends a day with Junichirou and even invites him to her room where she kisses him on the cheek. When Misaki finally learns about their rendezvous, he could barely keep his reactions in check and Carol is able to see that read his face. The following day, Misuzu intervenes and decides to ensure that Carol’s senpai confesses his feelings to her.

Carol Tries to Make Misaki Confess

Following the incident in which Tomo and Junichirou rescue Misuzu and Carol from good-for-nothing upperclassmen, Misaki recall how his life changed after he met his childhood friend and cousin for the first time many years ago. Over the years, Misaki got closer to Carol but never saw her vulnerable even once. This was quite intimidating since she would go through the worst situations in life without showing any weakness. Her nature was one of the reasons that Misaki wanted to become tough.

This eventually pushed him to join the Aizawa dojo where he started training physically. While he did get stronger, Misaki still never opened up about his feelings to Carol-san. Meanwhile, Carol was getting impatient as she also liked him. One ordinary day, she had the idea to make Misaki uncomfortable and get a reaction out of him, in the hope that she could get some insight into his feelings. Therefore, she asked Junichirou to spend some time with her. Although Junichirou initially declined, he eventually decided to meet her later that evening.

The two of them first played in the park following which they went to Carol’s room. Junichirou was already regretting his decision but Carol was adamant that she wanted to do something which would make Misaki uncomfortable. Therefore, she kissed Junichirou on the cheek and even climbed on top of him. This was too much to handle for Junichirou who pushed her aside and ran to Tomo’s place. There he hugged her and was about share what had happened when Carol arrived there as well.

The following day at school when Carol told Misaki what had happened, she could see her senpai was getting jealous that she spend time with Junichirou alone. She later told this to Misuzu, who felt that it was about time that one of them open up about their feelings. Therefore, she decided to meet Misaki and confront him about his aversion to confessing his feeling.

Does Misaki Confess His Love For Carol?

After talking with Carol, Misuzu has a conversation with Misaki and asks him directly why he has been avoiding confessing his feelings to his childhood friend. Misaki opens up and admits that never seeing Carol in a weak state puts him in an awkward situation. Whenever he thinks about having that kind of a relationship with her, he feels scared and that is why he has never confessed his love for Carol- even though they have known each other for years. Misuzu realizes that his reservations are legitimate and feels that she should definitely try to help him.

Therefore, she promises to make Carol vulnerable so that Misaki can finally gather enough courage to tell her how he feels. Later that day when Carol approaches Misuzu to ask what she talked to her senpai about, the latter does not hesitate in telling her that she has no chance with him. Misuzu harshly shoots down any hopes Carol has of ending up with Misaki, following which she runs back to her home. However, Misuzu’s trick has the desired effect as anyone who comes across her that day is shocked to finally see her in tears.

Now that she is in a vulnerable state, Misuzu sends Misaki to her home so that they can talk about their feelings. Misaki immediately reaches Carol’s house, where he finds her crying profusely. He does not waste any time in reassuring her that Misuzu was lying. He then explains that all of this was his fault as he was the one who wanted to see her in a vulnerable state. Misaki eventually confesses that he loves her after which Carol also opens up about their feelings.

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