Too Hot to Handle Season 2: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle‘ is an exciting show that brings together a group of single adults and has them live together while testing their abstinence from sex. Each contestant on the show has a history of having numerous short flings, and while they are encouraged to flirt or even pursue romantic connections on the show, breaking the law against abstinence deducts money from the total prize pool. With season 2 of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ behind us, fans are now anxious to know which couples have remained together post-filming. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Are Emily Miller and Cam Holmes Still Together?

Unlike some reality show couples who break up moments after the cameras stop rolling, Emily and Cam’s romance managed to survive all obstacles and is going strong to this very day. Interestingly, their journey together was quite rocky initially as Cam was seemingly attracted to other women. However, their love and dedication ultimately shone through, and the two finished the show as a couple. Reports later said that the two were apart for just a few days post-filming before Cam decided to move into Emily’s mother’s house.

Although Emily and Cam then lived in different rooms, building a wonderful life together was always in the picture. Incredibly committed to each other and dedicated to making their relationship work, Emily and Cam’s love has only gotten stronger over the years. With the two sharing heartwarming posts on social media and maintaining a seemingly unbreakable bond, we wish them the very best for the years to come.

Are Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony Still Together?

Although Melinda and Marvin faced quite a few initial obstacles in their relationship, they overcame them quickly and seemed to build up an excellent relationship. Their chemistry was also unmistakable, and while Marvin was crowned the season 2 winner, the pair exited the show as a committed couple. However, things took a drastic turn post-filming, as with Melinda in Brooklyn and Marvin in Paris, the two found maintaining a long-distance relationship quite tricky.

Moreover, Melinda later mentioned that although they were together after the cameras stopped rolling, Marvin made her feel ghosted thus, effectively ruining their chances. Melinda and Marvin had plans to meet in Mexico, but a sudden fight prompted Marvin to back out of the trip and cancel his tickets, leading to their massive breakup. Although the pair claimed that the split was amicable, their relationship is now a closed chapter as Melinda now seems to be in a relationship with Peter Vigilante. On the other hand, Marvin’s current relationship status remains a mystery, even though he is busy enjoying life his own way.

Are Tabitha Clifft and Chase de Moor Still Together?

Although Tabitha entered the show later than usual, she built up a connection with Chase, who was already in a tumultuous relationship with Carly. However, Chase and Carly did not work out, and after his split, Chase turned his attention to Tabitha, hoping to pursue her romantically. Over the course of the show, the two seemed pretty dedicated to each other, and hence, Tabitha’s sudden decision to shower with Cam and split up with Chase came like a bolt out of the blue. Thankfully, Chase never gave up hope, and towards the end of the season, the couple seemingly patched up. The audience even witnessed them sitting together in the season finale as they decided to remain committed post-filming.

Unfortunately, distance and Covid-19 restrictions had other plans as a long-distance relationship built a rift between Tabitha and Chase. Chase tried his best to hold on and even sent a wholesome love letter, complete with chocolates and wine as a Christmas present. Yet, the couple decided that breaking up would be the best idea, and although they have split, albeit amicably, and are seemingly single, Chase and Tabitha remain good friends to this day.

Are Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy Still Together?

Initially, Carly was quite smitten with Chase and was relentless in pursuing a romantic relationship with him. However, once Chase left Carly for Tabitha, she found solace in the arms of Joey Joy. Joey and Carly seemed quite taken with each other and soon built up an excellent relationship that wowed audiences. Exiting the show as a couple, Carly was even spotted enjoying an extended vacation in Miami, which happened to be where Joey resided at that moment. Ultimately, in July 2021, the two confirmed that they were in a relationship and soon began posting adorable pictures together on social media.

Carly and Joey’s love seemed quite strong, and there were speculations about them making it all the way. Thus, it was indeed shocking when in August 2021, Carly announced that she had broken up with Joey after learning about his infidelity. At present, Carly is quite happy to be in a perfect relationship with Bennett Sipes and even gushed about him on an Instagram post where she wrote, “Finally being loved correctly. Thank you to my human.” On the other hand, although Joey is living life to the fullest, his relationship status remains shrouded in mystery.

Are Christina Carmela and Robert Van Tromp Still Together?

Although Christina and Robert went out with different partners for their first date, the pair found an instant spark on crossing paths once in the villa. Incidentally, they did not care for the rules and ended up costing the team a few thousand dollars in fines. Still, it did not matter as the two seemed to have found a deep intimate connection they wouldn’t give up for anything else. Unfortunately, they got booted off the show for not making progress but decided to remain committed.

Besides, unwilling to let distance come in the way, Robert also followed Christina to her home in Cape Town, hoping to make their relationship flourish. Their love seemed to get stronger each day, and the two loved posting wonderful memories on social media, proclaiming their love for each other. However, it was not to last as after spending nine months together, the couple decided to split in September 2021, as their relationship had become uncomfortable.

Are Larissa Trownson and Nathan Webb Still Together?

Larissa and Nathan appeared to have a strong bond on the show, and some fans even speculated that they might stand the test of time. However, once Elle entered the villa, Nathan seemed to do a complete 180 and began preferring her to Larissa. Nathan didn’t even try to hide how attracted he was to the new contestant, which in turn, completely broke Larissa’s heart. Thus, with the couple reaching an impasse, the show documented their breakup as Larissa and Nathan went their separate ways.

The pair stayed broken up even after the cameras stopped rolling, and the two have seemingly moved on from each other by now. According to reports, Nathan is now dating Kayleigh Rock, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child, while Larissa, although in a beautiful relationship, prefers to keep her partner’s identity under wraps.

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