Top Chef Season 20: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Image Credit: David Moir/Bravo

Since its inception in 2006, ‘Top Chef’ has been a groundbreaking reality series that has revolutionized the culinary world, forever altering the way we perceive cooking on a global scale. With its 20th season, aptly named ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars,’ the Emmy-winning show took things to a whole new level. This season featured a cast of 16 talented chefs from various editions of the show, both in the US and internationally, competing for culinary glory in an unprecedented worldwide showdown. Since the end of the season, these cheftestants have moved on to different paths, and we were curious as to what they were. Here is what we found.

Samuel Albert is Thriving Today in the Culinary Industry

Hailing from Soucelles, France, Samuel Albert made his mark on ‘Top Chef’ by winning the coveted title in ‘Top Chef France’ Season 10. His journey in the culinary world is nothing short of remarkable. After his appearance in season 20 of the global culinary show, he went on to continue his role as President and Executive Chef at Les Petits Prés. In 2022, Samuel embraced another significant milestone in his life when he became a father.

Samuel’s continued success and influence in the culinary world make him a notable alum of ‘Top Chef.’ Notably, he also hosted former French Prime Minister François Hollande and his wife, Julie Gayet, at his restaurant in January 2023, showcasing the high regard in which his establishment is held. In June 2023, he revisited the Julie Bodinier school in Soucelles, where his culinary journey began, fostering connections with students and the teaching team.

Luciana Berry Has Her Own Catering Service

Luciana Berry’s culinary journey took her from her hometown of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil, to the bustling culinary scene of London, United Kingdom. Her ascent to culinary stardom began with winning ‘Top Chef Brazil’ Season 2. Currently, Luciana Berry is the head chef of Mano Mayfair Restaurant and serves as the owner and Managing Director of Luciana Berry Ltd. Her catering services through Catering on the Hill have been serving clients since 2008.

In July 2023, Luciana embarked on a culinary adventure as part of the ‘Brasil ao mar’ TV cooking show, promoting Brazilian gastronomy aboard a luxury cruise. She also participated in a documentary about Bahia culture and football in England, highlighting her cultural contributions. She was also part of a documentary with TV London about this holiday of Bahia culture and football in England. Her personal life is also noteworthy; she is in a relationship with Chef Cesar Scolari, adding a touch of romance to her culinary journey.

Sara Bradley is a Proud Mother Now

Sara’s talents brought her to the finals of ‘Top Chef Kentucky’ Season 16, where she showcased her culinary prowess. In 2023, she returned to the ‘Top Chef’ franchise for the ‘World All-Stars’ season, securing a runner-up position. Hailing from Paducah, Kentucky, she is now the chef and proprietor at Freight House, a restaurant that encapsulates the essence of southern-inspired cuisine and bourbon in Paducah, KY. Beyond her culinary creations, Sara Bradley advocates for an equitable and compassionate work environment within the culinary industry, one that allows parents to balance their careers and family life.

As a mom to two young daughters, she knows firsthand the challenges parents face in the demanding culinary world. August 2023 marked a significant milestone in Sara’s culinary journey when she triumphed on the Food Network’s ‘Chopped: All-American Showdown,’ solidifying her place among the culinary elite. Personally, Sara Bradley is married to Austin Martin and is a proud mother of two daughters.

Dawn Burrell is Focusing on Her Ventures

Philadelphia native Dawn Burrell’s culinary journey is as unique as it is inspiring. Initially an Olympian, she competed as part of the USA’s Track and Field team during the 2000 Summer Olympics. However, her travels around the world with the team ignited a profound passion for food. While on her culinary journey, Dawn made it to the finals of ‘Top Chef Portland’ season 18, further establishing her culinary prowess. After her involvement with season 20 of ‘Top Chef’ ended, she partnered with the Lucille’s Hospitality Group to open a restaurant in Houston named Late August. However, she departed from the project in July 2023.

In addition to her restaurant ventures, Dawn Burrell has been actively participating in various culinary and cultural events, emphasizing her commitment to Houston’s vibrant food scene. On July 15, 2023, she hosted the Nowhere Somewhere Supper Club, a cultural and culinary experience that featured the best chefs in Houston. She has also been a part of the 20203 Juneteenth Jubilee Dinner, Honeyland Festival, Southern Smoke Festival 2023, and others. Currently, she is living in Houston with her dog named Kenji.

Ali Al Ghzawi is Focusing on His Career

Ali Al Ghzawi gained widespread recognition by winning ‘Top Chef Middle East & North Africa’ Season 3: Lebanon, an achievement that propelled him into representing Jordan in numerous culinary and philanthropic events, including collaborations with the United Nations to support their Sustainable Development Goals. He participated in the cooking competition series ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars’ in 2023, securing a fourth-place finish.

In March 2023, he had the honor of meeting Her Majesty Queen Rania Abdullah during Ramadan Iftar. He often does live cooking shows where he shares his recipes. Ali is also deeply committed to sustainability, empowering women, and nurturing the younger generation in the culinary arts, values reflected in his restaurant, Alee, which includes a culinary creative center.

Tom Goetter is an Influential Figure in the Food Industry

Tom Goetter’s journey on ‘Top Chef Germany,’ Season 1, in 2018 showcased his culinary prowess, ultimately culminating in a well-deserved finalist position. Since then, Tom’s career has been a globetrotting culinary adventure. Following his appearance on season 20 of ‘Top Chef,’ he went back to his job for the Scenic Eclipse. In 2022, his vessel, the Scenic Eclipse, earned the prestigious title of the World’s Best Cruise Ship for Dining, a testament to his culinary excellence. As of April 2023, Tom Goetter has achieved yet another milestone in his culinary career, taking on the role of Vice President of Hotel Operations Ocean for Scenic – Luxury Cruises & Tours. He continues to learn and work on his culinary skills and showcases his work on ‘Maritime Masters.’

Nicole Gomes is Focusing on Her Career

Nicole Gomes, originally from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, is a culinary force to be reckoned with. Her passion for competition led her to ‘Top Chef Canada,’ Season 5: All-Stars, where she emerged victorious, earning the prestigious title of ‘Top Chef Canada Champion.’ She also made her mark by defeating celebrity chef Bobby Flay on ‘Beat Bobby Flay.’ Once she was eliminated from ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars,’ she continued to be deeply involved in the restaurant she co-founded, Cluck ‘N’ Cleaver. Her passion for the culinary world extends to speaking engagements, including her appearance at the 2023 Terroir Calgary event.

In October 2023, Nicole opened Cluck N Cleaver 2.0, further expanding her culinary empire. Beyond her restaurant endeavors, she shared her expertise as a judge on ‘Fire Masters’ in June 2023. Nicole’s dedication to family led her to relocate to Vancouver to be closer to her mother. While she consults with Railtown Catering in Vancouver as a consulting chef, she continues to make frequent trips back to Calgary to support her sister Francine in operating their original Cluck N Cleaver and working on the second location in south Calgary. She is also looking forward to adopting a child from Vietnam and starting a new life with her child and her new pup, Charlie.

Victoire Gouloubi is a Proud Mother Today

Victoire Gouloubi’s culinary journey is a testament to her passion for food and relentless pursuit of excellence. Since her time on season 20 of ‘Top Chef,’ she has continued this journey. As of now, she is the creator and host of the cooking television programs ‘Il Tocco di Victoire’ and ‘La Mia Africa’ for Sky TV. She also serves as the executive chef at the prestigious Mirtillo Rosso hotel, part of the powerful Italian international company Ponti.

Victoire has earned nicknames like the “black panther,” the “Snow Queen of Monte Rosa,” and the “woman of steel of cooking.” However, for those who appreciate her talent, she is simply Victoire Gouloubi—a woman of immense culinary skill, beauty, and personal strength. She is also a mother and continues to make appearances in several publications and TV shows.

Charbel Hayek is a Private Chef Now

Charbel Hayek honed his skills at Mélisse under the guidance of two-star Michelin chef Josiah Citrin, an experience that shaped his culinary prowess over nearly three years. Returning to Beirut, he set his sights on a remarkable achievement—winning the fifth season of ‘Top Chef Middle East & North Africa,’ Season 5: Saudi Arabia. Today, Charbel resides in Lake Worth, Florida, where he serves as a private chef.

Beyond his culinary pursuits, he is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys quality time with his family. He is also working on a book set to be published soon, offering a glimpse into his culinary journey and insights into his unique approach to cooking. In addition to his culinary career, Charbel is the CPO at Eeetwell, showcasing his ability to excel in diverse roles within the culinary industry. He is married to Angel Hayak and often does live cooking demos for several broadcast channels.

Buddha Lo Now is Focusing on His Family

Buddha Lo, originally from Port Douglas, Australia, found his passion for cooking at a young age while working in his parents’ restaurant. His culinary journey began early, as he was taught the fundamentals of cooking by his father, who hails from Hong Kong. His prowess and commitment to excellence were recognized when he clinched the title of winner in ‘Top Chef Houston,’ Season 19.

He is also the winner of ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars,’ making him the first contestant in ‘Top Chef’ history to win two consecutive seasons. His win was well-deserved as before the filming for season 20 began, he studied British cuisine for three months. Buddha and his wife Rebekah announced that they are expecting twins, adding a new dimension to their growing family, which includes a pug, Kroshka. He recently signed a lease for a restaurant in Tribeca, which he envisions as ‘Hūso 2.0.’

Dale MacKay is a Devoted Father Today

Dale MacKay, hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, emerged as a culinary force to be reckoned with in Season 20 of ‘Top Chef.’ In 2023, Dale MacKay embarked on a new culinary adventure, opening F&B Restaurant in downtown Saskatoon. Despite closing two popular local restaurants, Ayden Kitchen and Sticks and Stones, Dale remained committed to bringing fresh and innovative cuisine to Saskatoon. F&B Restaurant occupies the same location as Sticks and Stones but offers a completely revamped menu that continuously evolves to feature new and seasonal Saskatchewan-based products.

Notably, in 2023, Dale participated in the Ironman World Championship 2023, held in Nice, France. In June 2023, he also sailed the Danube River with Emerald Cruises. His dedication to excellence in both the culinary and athletic realms is a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards. He is a devoted single father to his son, Ayden. Dale’s competitive spirit has also led him to compete in various culinary shows, such as ‘Iron Chef Gauntlet,’ ‘Fire Masters,’ and ‘Wall of Chefs.’

May Phattanant Thongthong is Focusing on Her Career

May Phattanant Thongthong made her mark in Season 20 of ‘Top Chef,’ where she was a finalist, showcasing her exceptional skills and culinary artistry. Her dedication to culinary excellence extends beyond the kitchen. She shares her passion for modern Thai cuisine by teaching Modern Thai classes at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit. Her commitment to education and passing on her culinary knowledge highlights her desire to inspire and nurture future culinary talents. In February 2023, she took a basic bread class from Teacher Lin to expand her culinary skills. She was also part of the Le Festa Italiana 2023 as part of the KCG Corporation.

Currently, she is working at Maze Dining, which was selected in the Michelin Guide as the first Northern Fine Dining in Thailand. In August 2023, May achieved a significant milestone when her food was featured on the cover of a leading industry magazine, marking a moment of recognition for her culinary prowess. Looking ahead to 2024, May is gearing up to compete in the World Global Chef Challenge, where she will undoubtedly continue to make her mark on the international culinary stage.

Begoña Rodrigo Owns a Restaurant Now

Begoña Rodrigo, hailing from Valencia, Spain, is a culinary virtuoso who participated in season 20 of ‘Top Chef.’ After the season ended, she continued to work as a chef at La Salita, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Valencia, which she owns. La Salita has become a gastronomic gem known for its innovative and elegant tasting menus that feature distinct flavors. Begoña’s commitment to delivering an exceptional dining experience is evident in every dish served at her restaurant.

Beyond her culinary endeavors, Begoña is passionate about sustainability and wellness. She also hosts the ImperfectXS Masterclass, where she teaches lessons on sustainability and success. La Lalita was nominated for the We’re Smart Green Guide’s Discovery of the Year – Best Vegetable Restaurants in Spain for 2023. In recognition of her culinary excellence and contributions to Spanish gastronomy, Begoña Rodrigo was named the Reaper of Honor in 2023 during the Harvest Festival organized by the D.O. Arroz de Valencia.

Gabriel Rodriguez is Inspiring Many With His Skills

Gabriel’s, the winner of ‘Top Chef Mexico,’ season 2, culinary prowess and determination culminated was evident in ‘Top Chef’ season 20. Currently, Gabriel Rodriguez holds the position of Head Chef at Restaurante Presidio Cocina de México, where he continues to showcase his culinary talents and passion for Mexican cuisine. Gabriel’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of culinary dedication, taking him from humble beginnings as a dishwasher to the international culinary stage, where he continues to push culinary boundaries and inspire others with his culinary creations. The talented chef has kept the details of his private life under wraps.

Amar Santana is an Executive Chef Now

Amar Santana, runner-up in the fiercely competitive ‘Top Chef California,’ is a culinary virtuoso who has made an indelible mark on the culinary world. In Season 20 of ‘Top Chef,’ Amar Santana showcased his culinary brilliance, earning a runner-up spot in the fiercely competitive ‘Top Chef California.’ His ability to combine flavors and culinary traditions from around the world set him apart as a culinary force to be reckoned with. Amar is the Executive Chef and owner of two acclaimed establishments—Broadway By Amar Santana in Laguna Beach and Vaca in Costa Mesa, California. He is a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Negar Sheikhtaheri, and a doting father to his son, Cyrus Taheri Santana.

Sylwia Stachyra is Thriving as a Culinary Artist Now

Sylwia Stachyra, a culinary powerhouse hailing from Lublin, Poland, has etched her name in the annals of culinary excellence. Her remarkable journey, which saw her winning season 20 of ‘Top Chef Poland,’ is a testament to her talent and dedication to the culinary arts. Following her appearance on ‘Top Chef’ season 20, Sylwia returned to work at her company, CookShe, a cooking school and consultancy that reflects her love for food.

The talented chef is dedicated to sharing her culinary knowledge with others. In addition to her professional endeavors, Sylwia is a lecturer at a university in Lublin, where she imparts her culinary wisdom to aspiring chefs. Her personal life is equally fulfilling, as she cherishes moments spent with her family, including her three-year-old daughter, Laura.

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