Top Chef 2023: Where Was the Show Filmed?

Image Credit: David Moir/Bravo

Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ is a reality competition show that features several chefs going head to head against each other in an intense series of culinary challenges. As for ‘Top Chef’ 2023 (also titled ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars’), it is the 20th season of the cooking show that includes contestants from different international spin-offs of the long-running series. While Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons serve as the regular judges for the competition, they are joined by other judges from the previous international editions of ‘Top Chef’ as well as some global culinary experts.

The chefs compete in challenging cooking tasks to be the last ones standing and take home the grand cash prize of US$250,000. With the contestants and judges moving from one location to another for different culinary challenges, it is natural for you to wonder where ‘Top Chef’ 2023 was shot. In that case, we have gathered all the details about the same to put your curiosities to bed!

Top Chef 2023 Filming Locations

‘Top Chef’ 2023 was filmed in England and France, specifically in London, Hampshire, and Paris. This marked the first time in the history of the cooking show that a season had been shot entirely outside the United States. As per reports, the principal photography for the 20th season of ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars’ commenced in August 2022 and wrapped up in November of the same year. So, let’s not waste time and find out which specific sites the chefs visited to work their magic and whip up some unique delicacies!

London, England

Most of ‘Top Chef’ 2023 was lensed in and around London, including pubs and streets of the capital. For instance, you can spot some iconic landmarks in the backdrop of several scenes, such as the area around Big Ben at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. The contestants and judges also set up camp in several indoor and outdoor locations, with London Bridge and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 782 High Road being a couple of primary production sites for the show’s 20th season. The team recorded numerous scenes in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and the renowned Alexandra Palace sports venue.

Since London is known for its diverse dining scene, it makes a suitable filming site for a show like ‘Top Chef.’ Consequently, the cast and crew taped significant portions of season 20 in historic pubs like The Jack Horner in Holborn and the Lamb & Flag at 33 Rose Street in Covent Garden. Furthermore, the famous Indian restaurant, Dishoom, in Covent Garden, and the fine-dining hub, Core by Clare Smyth at 92 Kensington Park Road, appear in several scenes.

In a statement following the announcement of the show’s 20th season, the Food Minister of the UK Government, Victoria Prentis, said, “I’m pleased that Top Chef has chosen London for its first-ever season outside of the US. We’re rightly proud of our exceptional food and drink produced here in the UK.” She added, “From Scottish salmon and Welsh lamb to Northern Irish beef and English sparkling wine, our food and drink is recognized at home and abroad for its great taste and high quality. As the U.K.’s largest manufacturing sector, the passion, traditions, and expertise of our food and drink industry make the UK a fantastic choice for the culinary competition series.”

Hampshire, England

Apart from London, the production team of ‘Top Chef’ 2023 traveled west of the capital to Hampshire. The chefs found themselves on the premise of the Highclere Castle in Highclere Park, Highclere, as they competed in a cooking challenge on location. Although Highclere Castle is temporarily closed, it is a Grade I listed country house established in 1679 and spreads across 5,000 acres.

Paris, France

For the season finale of ‘Top Chef: World All-Stars,’ the filming unit traveled to the French capital, i.e., Paris. Since the late 18th century, the city has been known for its unique and flavorful cuisines. Naturally, this connection with food and restaurants makes Paris an ideal shooting location for cooking shows, including ‘Top Chef’ 2023.

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