Top Chef Season 9: Where Are The Contestants Now?

The juxtaposition of creativity and taste takes skilled chefs across a rigorous and challenging journey in ‘Top Chef: Texas.’ As acclaimed chefs gather to display their finesse and attention to detail under tight deadlines, several intense themes follow. Released in 2011, the ninth iteration of the cooking competition features an array of talented chefs who do not detract from putting their best foot forward. More than a decade later, fans have been curious to know more about their whereabouts.

Paul Qui Helms Operation of Multiple Restaraunt Today

Once on the path to unparalleled success, Paul consistently scaled his abilities and was on a steadfast path to expanding his culinary empire. With multiple establishments in Austin and Texas, the chef was consistently solidifying his footprint in the industry. However, all of that changed when he was charged with assault in 2016. The Austin police had arrested the chef on counts of assault after he allegedly fought with his girlfriend at their apartment. It is reported that Paul had smashed a phone, broke a coffee table, and incurred injuries of his own volition.

Soon after, in an interview with the Austin American Statesman, the winner denied hitting his girlfriend. However, according to the reports, Paul’s girlfriend had a bruised arm and a swollen jaw. She alleged that the chef had terrorized her apartment and allegedly knocked her and her son out of the way. In April 2018, the charges against Paul were dropped after his ex-girlfriend refused to cooperate with prosecutors.

Before long, Paul kickstarted Aqui in August 2017. However, several people were dismayed from eating in the high-end restaurant. Later, he established Tacqui, a fast-casual taco spot in Dallas. While the chef has decidedly accrued bad publicity, he has also succeeded as far as acclaimed reviews and culinary credibility go. He has even undergone a recovery program and attended a 30-day program at a rehabilitation center for his past struggle with substance abuse. Currently, Paul helms the operations of Soy Pinoy, East Side King, Thai Kun, Pao, El Secreto, Koko Ni, Golfstrommen, Johnny Gold Burger, Lea Jane’s Hot Kitchen and FAM Hospitality Group.

Sarah Grueneberg is Balancing Both Career and Family Today

From questioning the tasting palates of renowned chefs to piling on chef Beverly Kim, Sarah became one of the most contested figures during the season. She had exploded several times during the show and had issues after losing the top spot to Paul Qui and coming in as the runner-up of the season. She has since been overlooking the operations of her restaurant in Chicago. Sarah is the chef and partner of Monteverde Restaurant and Pastificio in Chicago. Previously, she worked at Spiaggia, a Michelin-starred restaurant. The winner of the James Beard Foundation Award, Sarah has also appeared in ‘Iron Chef Gauntlet.’ The author of ‘Listen To Your Vegetables’ also enjoys bliss with her husband, Jaim.

Nyesha Arrington is a Businesswoman Now

Albeit losing out on the top spot, chef Nyesha Arrington has continued to make glorious strides as a restauranteur, chef and television personality. With numerous accolades under her belt, the chef commonly known as “The Ninja” has since made appearances on ‘Chopped Next Chef,’ ‘Tournament of Champions,’ and ‘Top Chef Duels.’ Most recently, she even made an appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Next Level Chef.’ Besides this, Nyesha continues to helm her company in Los Angeles as President.

Previously, the celebrity chef was working as the Executive Chef and Partner at Native. Not just this, she also offers virtual cooking classes for young cooks. When she’s not busy in the kitchen, the TEDx speaker likes to work on her blog and philanthropy and even record the latest episodes for her podcast.

Lindsay Autry is Focusing on Her Culinary Ventures Now

Having earned acclaim for producing unparalleled flavors in her dishes, Lindsay made headlines as a finalist on the Bravo cooking show. Later, the chef was even nominated for Best Chef: South. With an array of experiences garnered in esteemed kitchens around the world, Autry is currently the co-partner and founder of The Regional Kitchen and Public House, established in September 2016. Besides putting her soulful cooking on her social media platforms, she also enjoys familial bliss with her husband, David and their son, Jack.

Ty-Lor Boring is Leading a Quiet Life Today

With ample experience in the culinary arts, the advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community ended up gaining wide renown for his cooking. After the show, the chef’s private photos had accrued major attention on the internet. Nonetheless, the television personality had displayed his wishes to open a pop-up restaurant in New York. However, he has since remained quiet and absent from the public eye. Nevertheless, we continue to hope he achieves new heights in his career and personal life.

Chris Crary is Focusing on His Career

A failed pasta dish had ultimately become Chris’ undoing on ‘Top Chef: Texas.’ Since his time on the show, the fan-favored chef went on to accomplish much more in his career. The culinary trailblazer has since been heading CC Concepts Inc. as the Chef and President. Additionally, he has been the Executive Director of 1 Hotels in Nashville. Besides this, the television personality is also seen in several cooking segments. On the personal front, Chris continues to enjoys life with his wife, Rachelle Lefevre and their children.

Richie Farina is an Executive Chef Today

Mapping his journey from a pizza maker to an internationally renowned chef, Richie Farina has consistently climbed the ladder of success. Since displaying his acumen in ‘Top Chef: Texas,’ Richie has hosted different shows, including ‘Carnival Kings,’ and ‘Insatiable: The Homaro Cantu Story.’

He has also been featured in ‘Cutthroat Kitchen,’ ‘Bizarre Foods,’ and ‘Iron Chef America.’ Besides this, Richie is currently working as an Executive Chef at Adorn Bar and Restaurant, an establishment he launched earlier this year in Chicago. When he’s not working, the television personality likes to unwind and spend time with his furry friend, Noodle Farina, an Italian Greyhound.

Chris Jones is Focusing on His Ventures

Failing to claim the top spot, Chris Jones continued to expand his skills and further his career as a culinary trailblazer. He went on to work at Eat Just Inc. as VP of Product Development. By channeling his skills as a chef, he has managed to revolutionise plant-based products and develop the very first cultured meat sold worldwide. In addition to this, he has also worked as the Culinary Director of Innovation at Hampton Creek Foods.

Beverly Kim Now the Co-Owner of a Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Rising through the ranks in the Chicago restaurant industry, Beverly Kim has time and again proved her skills behind the stove. Despite losing the title of the season, the James Beard awardee has scaled her abilities exponentially. She is currently the co-owner of Parachute, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Chicago. To further her business, she kickstarted Wherewithall, a neighborhood restaurant, in 2019 with her husband, Johnny Clark.

The couple also owns the Michelin-starred Parachute together. Besides this, Beverly is even a philanthropist and has established a nonprofit organization named The Abundance Setting, which focuses on the alarming gender inequality in the culinary industry. From getting featured in eminent publications to garnering wide renown for her work, several accolades still await the talented chef. On the personal front, Beverly continues to enjoy life with her husband and their three sons.

Edward Lee is Thriving as a Culinary Artist

With decades of experience on his resume, Edward Lee brings more than just flavor into his dishes. Since his time on ‘Top Chef,’ Edward has appeared on ‘The Mind of a Chef.’ Additionally, he has judged Chef Gordan Ramsay’s ‘Culinary Genius’ and has been nominated for the James Beard Award several times. The NYU graduate continues to blend the unique aromatics of his Korean heritage into his cuisine. Besides operating several restaurants, he has even established THE LEE initiative.

The initiative has been launched to shed light on the issues surrounding diversity in the culinary industry. Interestingly, The White House has even recruited Edward as a state dinner guest chef. So, naturally, the acclaimed television personality and cookbook author continues to create new milestones with his wife, Dianne Durcholz and their daughter, Arden.

Whitney Otawka is an Executive Chef Today

After showcasing her abilities to weave a delicacy with limited ingredients in ‘Top Chef: Texas,’ Whitney went on to work globally. The chef went on to live in the remote and underdeveloped Cumberland Island, Georgia, where she penned her cookbook, ‘The Saltwater Table.’ Besides this, she has also used her time to gain an untainted knowledge of produce and preservation.

Since then, the chef has been working as a recipe developer and as an Executive Chef at Greyfield Inn located in Cumberland Island, a rustic escape off the coast of Southern Georgia. She has also worked as a menu consultant for several restaurants. When Whitney is not busy with work, she likes to unwind and spend time with her husband, Ben and their daughter.

Keith Rhodes is Focusing on His Seafood Restaurant

Since his stint on the BRAVO cooking show, Keith has devoted his time and effort to his seafood restaurant – Catch. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, the restaurant is known for preparing modern seafood with an assortment of flavors that range from seasonal to organic. While the chef had to bear unmatched losses during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was not deterred. In lieu, he decided to adjust his menu to a curbside-friendly group of foods. Since then, the establishment has recouped and continues to highlight the various intricacies that complete seafood. In addition to a booming career, Keith also enjoys life with his wife, Angela and other loved ones.

Grayson Schmitz is Working as a Recipe Developer Today

While her unique outlook on vegetables had earned her the ire of fans, the chef went on to compete in the cooking show once again in season 13. Since showcasing her talent in the cooking competition, Grayson has been working as a Recipe Developer for Olivier Cheng Catering and Events. Based in New York, the television personality notably devises a series of food selections that cater to high-end clientele. Besides interweaving creativity and finesse into her work as a Recipe Developer, she also likes to share her latest creations in the kitchen with her fans. Despite getting recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, the chef continues to embark on new adventures with her wife, Holly Calcagno.

Heather Terhune is Thriving in the Culinary Industry

Branded as the villain of the series after she labelled Asian cooking less creative than the rustic style she adopted, Heather’s opinion irked several people. Since her stint on the show, she has held a role at Tre Rivali and The Outsider. Previously, the chef worked with Sable Kitchen and Bar as executive chef. Based in Milwaukee, the chef is currently working as the Associate Director of Culinary Operations with Rick Bayless Tortazo.

Chuy Valencia is Focusing on Family Time Today

With more than a decade of experience under his belt, Chuy Valencia had made an equally powerful impact during his time on ‘Top Chef: Texas.’ Before appearing on the show, he had kickstarted Chilam Balam, a Lakeview restaurant in Chicago. However, the star later left the reigns in 2012 and moved back to Sonoma County. Over time, he worked on enhancing his knowledge of food and wine.

Later, he worked as a Chef de Partie for Silver Oak Cellars. Now, Chuy offers cumulative expertise in the subject matter and offers his services to an array of clients. The television personality offers his services in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Lake and Mendocino Counties. He is also available for his events in the Greater Bay Area and specialises in vacation rentals and office parties. On the personal front, Chuy continues to embark on new adventures with his wife.

Dakota Weiss is Enjoying Marital Bliss Today

From getting titled the ‘Best New Chef’ by Angeleno magazine in 2006 to garnering wide acclaim in ‘Top Chef: Texas,’ Dakota has time and again represented her skills on the international platform. The breast cancer survivor has since amassed great renown for her eateries. In collaboration with her husband, Rich Beker, Dakota has kickstarted Catach Santa Fe Poke Co, Buttermilk Restaurant Group LLC, The Notorious P.O.K.E., Capital Coal Neighborhood Eatery Frenchie’s Dips and Tots and Dakota’s Pop Parlor. She was also a judge on ‘Morimoto’s Sushi Masters.’ On the personal front, the chef continues to enjoy life with her husband and their furry friends – Buttermilk, Big Sis, Bosque and Lil Bro.

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