Top Chef Renewed For Season 22 at Bravo

There won’t be any shortage of “top chefs” at Bravo. The network has renewed the reality competition television series ‘Top Chef’ for season 22. The auditions for the installment are currently underway, with the production team seeking potential participants with “culinary skills, creativity, competitive spirit, and personality” to be exceptional chefs. The current presenter of the show is ‘Top Chef: Seattle’ winner Kristen Kish, who replaced Padma Lakshmi.

In season 20, we saw the series unfold in London with 16 elite global contestants facing off. The competition began with a Quickfire challenge using U.K. seafood, followed by an elimination test focusing on vegetable-centric plates. Throughout the season, chefs were challenged to create dishes featuring rice, participate in a pub crawl around Central London, and tackle various themed challenges, including a football-themed one at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

As the installment progressed, guest judges such as Santiago Lastra, Brett Graham, and James Cochran joined the panel to evaluate the chefs’ creations. The chefs faced Quickfire featuring honey and mead, recreated classic pub dishes, and even took inspiration from emojis for a challenge. The season culminated with a finale in Paris, where the final three chefs cooked for Padma, judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons, and a table of culinary luminaries, with Buddha Lo emerging as the winner of the ultimate title of “Top Chef” World All-Star.

The twenty-first season is currently airing with fifteen new chefs competing in Wisconsin under the guidance of new host Kish. The contestants are grouped by the judges to cook dishes, with top performers contending for victory and strugglers facing elimination alongside a surprising twist. Previous ‘Top Chef’ winner Joe Flamm made a guest appearance for a Quickfire challenge centered around hops. In the Elimination round, chefs collaborated to craft a seven-course progressive meal featuring elevated bar snacks, set in the historic Miller Caves.

Expectations must be high for another installment filled with competitive spirit, innovative culinary challenges, and the quest for culinary excellence among a diverse group of talented chefs. The viewers can anticipate an engaging blend of skillful cooking, unexpected twists, and guest appearances by prominent figures in the culinary world. When the competition unfolds, the chosen contestants will face a range of tasks designed to test their creativity, adaptability, and ability to deliver top-tier dishes under pressure. Considering the show’s reputation for delivering intense culinary drama, season 22 is poised to offer an exciting new chapter of the series.

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