Tornike Gogrichiani Plays Zurab in Extraction 2: All We Know About Him

A sequel to the eponymous 2020 movie, ‘Extraction 2’ follows the story of Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) nine months after he was presumed dead in a rescue mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Based on the graphic novel ‘Ciudad’ by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando León González, and Eric Skillman, the film is directed by Sam Hargrave. Back to deal with another covert mission, Tyler embarks on another deadly journey to rescue the family of a notorious Georgian gangster who has locked them in an impenetrable prison.

However, the reign of terror cast by Zurab also brings a menacing fear of global domination and mass genocide. The convincing portrayal, which adds anticipatory tension to the movie, is carried out by Tornike Gogrichiani. So, if you’re also curious to learn more about the actor who played the antagonist in the eponymous action thriller sequel, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Tornike Gogrichiani: Early Life in Kutaisi, Georgi

Born on October 10, 1986, Tornike was raised in Kutaisi, Georgia, part of the erstwhile Soviet Union. While Tornike always held the gift of acting, he didn’t put his skills to the test. After having studied architecture, he found that his passions lay elsewhere, which is when he switched to drama and film instead. Tornike joined the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University and honed his skills as an actor. Here, he played his first role as a soldier.  In 2006, Tornike graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Drama and Theatre from the university and slowly established his path from hereon.

Tornike Gogrichiani’s Profession

After graduating, Tornike began working as a theatre actor in 2007. Tornike’s earliest works can be traced back to a role in the Elizabethan classic ‘Macbeth.’ In the winter of 2009, Tornike took center stage as Shakespeare’s Macbeth and wowed countless. For his performance at the Tbilisi Music and Drama State Theatre, he won acclaim and accolades, including awards as a male actor at international theatre festivals. Tornike’s association with the State Theatre continues even today.

In terms of film and television, Tornike first came to the limelight with his role in the television series, ‘Uptown Girl.’ From there on, he continued his upward trajectory and was cast as Zaza Rusadzes in ‘A Fold in My Blanket’ in 2012. The film wasn’t just selected for the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival but also allowed Tornike to explore his range as an actor. However, the Georgia-based actor didn’t just want to excel in front of the lens.

In 2016, Tornike ventured beyond his horizons and decided to work on a short film titled ‘Andro.’ The short film premiered at the 39th Montpellier Film Festival and was presented at a number of international film festivals, and finally won the Grand Prize at Tehran. Tornike has also been an actor at Royal District Theatre & Vaso Abashidze and a director for Pansionat Film.

In addition to his other short films, ‘Heatwave,’ and ‘Lumina,’ Tornike has worked in a number of productions. Some of his performances can be seen in, ‘Artificial Breathing,’ ‘Neighbors,’ ‘Sniffer,’ ‘Tiflisi,’ ‘Paradox,’ ‘Gogana Gareubnidan’ and ‘Adam & Eve.’ In 2021, Tornike was set to begin shooting for ‘Extraction 2.’ However, with the significant impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the plans were shelved, and filming picked up in the second half of the year. So, in addition to his legion of exceptional performances, Tornike continues to find new opportunities.

Tornike Gogrichiani’s Family Life: Wife and Children

Tornike is married to Nino Koridze, who is also an actress and model. Nino has also delivered prominent performances in ‘Tbilisuri Love Story,’ ‘Tiflisi’ and ‘Kepler.’ Nino and Tornike have been together for more than a decade. Not just this, the happy couple also have a daughter named Natasha. Tornike and Nino regularly share pictures of their daughter and their familial life on social media.

In addition to his proficiency in acting and theatre, Tornike also shares a passion for photography. His artistic interests vary to quite an extent, which further allows him to bring nuance into whatever he does. We continue to wish that Tornike Gogrichiani achieves more milestones in his career and experiences bliss in his personal life as well!

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