Tough Tie on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

SHARK TANK - "1123" - A pair of entrepreneurs from Mesa, Arizona, hope to sell millennials on a modern version of a fading fashion trend for men. An eccentric crafter from Nevada City, California, pitches the Sharks on investing in his far-out textiles brand. A father from North Hollywood, California, showcases his clothing design which helps to comfortably bring dads and their babies closer together, while a husband and wife from Exeter, Missouri, have a solution to one of childhood's messiest milestones, on "Shark Tank," FRIDAY, MAY 8 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless) KEVIN SHOEMAKER, SKYLAR BENNETT

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ welcomes innovators to pitch their business ideas to respectable figures within the community. Either their ideas are shot down, or an investor might decide to get in on the business. Over the seasons, we have seen some entertaining and fascinating pitches being made. In Shark Tank season 11 episode 22, we are introduced to four companies. One of them is Tough Tie. Here’s everything we know about the company and its products.

Tough Tie: Who Are They?

Kevin Shoemaker and Skylar Bennett started Tough Tie in January 2017. The two knew each other from college, and their motivation to start the company was simple. Dressing professionally became a problem after they married and had children. As you know, children often spit up on whoever is holding them.

Both Kevin and Skylar are loving dads and enjoy holding their children, but they got tired of having to send their ties to the dry cleaners or worse, throwing them away. The two ended up wondering how they could come up with ties that resist stains and can withstand being put into a washing machine. The duo consulted with a local fashion designer and spent most of 2016 researching financial, manufacturing, and marketing aspects of the business. Notably, they tied up with Grand Canyon University students to help with the marketing aspect. They risked their professional jobs and focused on Tough Tie as a full-time business.

Soon, they decided to go beyond ties and make durable, innovative, and stylish gear for men. They changed the name to Tough Apparel and have ratchet belts and socks as well. The duo promises they aren’t done and will come out with more apparel in the future. You can check out their post where they’re excited about ‘Shark Tank.’

Tough Tie: What Do They Do?

Tough Apparel sells belts, socks, and in light of the coronavirus pandemic, they’re even selling face masks. However, the company is unique for having come out with tough ties, that can stand a good wash, and is somewhat spill-proof. The accessories are manufactured combining printable and repellant fabrics along with a substrate core and Iron Lock stitching.

The duo has fixed quite a bit, in their new design, doing away with the slip stitch. Tough Apparel aims to be efficient and stylish. Accordingly, the ties also have a microfiber patch at the back, which can be used to clean glasses and phone screens. Yes, we know we’re not supposed to do it, but we do it anyway! The ties also come with an optional buttonhole on the tail so that they can be fastened to a button-up dress shirt, keeping the apparel to the body.

They come with their own laundry bag, which can be used during machine washes. They can be washed separately, or with other clothes, it doesn’t make a difference. According to Kevin and Skylar, if you hang the ties out to dry for a few hours after cleaning them, they are as good as new. Ultimately, as the company saying goes, it is ‘apparel that gives you confidence.’ Check out a video of how the tough ties work, to get a better idea of the product that the duo pitch on the ABC show. You can check more details about the company on their website here.

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