Where is Trace Lehnhoff From Flipping Out Now?

The reality show ‘Flipping Out‘ takes viewers through the personal and professional world of a well-known television and radio personality, interior designer, and real estate speculator from Los Angeles, Jeffery Lewis, and his unit. The efficient team of some of the finest designers, helpers, and assistants also had a very competent intern named Trace James Lehnhoff, who managed to turn into an Associate Designer and eventually became a full-time employee at the firm through his sheer love and passion for his work.

He was a part of the team at Jeff Lewis Design from seasons 3 to 5, during which he experienced several highs and lows, learned a lot from one of the finest in the business, and grew from his exposure. His time with the team started when he was still a student; by the time he left, he had already earned immense exposure and made lasting bonds. While his journey in the show was quite short-lived, and Trace left it much before it ended, fans have been wondering about his current status in life and where he stands both personally and professionally.

Trace James Lehnhoff’s Journey in Flipping Out Was Brief

Trace was a young fresh college student when he had stepped into the world of ‘Flipping Out’ in 2009. He was new to the demands of the world he was becoming a part of and initially had a hard time living up to Jeff’s expectations. The smart and suave intern who was mostly quiet and observant, within no time, managed to prove his mettle and got promoted to a full-time position at the role of Associate Designer in Lewis’ company.

Trace’s journey in the firm and subsequently on the show was topsy-turvy, to say the least. From getting slapped on reality TV to being one of the many of Jeff’s firing victims, he experienced it all. It was a week after Sarah Berkman was fired that Jeff and his then-partner Gage were going through Trace’s computer when they realized he was working on some personal designs during office hours. This disappointed Lewis, who believed that Trace was wasting company hours. So with the vote of Gage, Lewis had him fired from both the show and the firm.

However, unlike expected, the exit wasn’t very dramatic as Trace took his termination quite gracefully. He even wrote a blog on Bravo, where he mentioned, “Although many of you might be surprised, they are all relatively happy and fun moments we’ve shared. In the truest sincerity, I am very fortunate to have worked for Jeff, and I thank him for the opportunity he gave me.” Trace used the firing as an opportunity to move on and utilize his learnings under Jeff to do something of his own.

Trace James Lehnhoff Runs His Own Design Firm Today

A Minnesota native, Trace decided to start his own design firm in Los Angeles after his stint ended at ‘Flipping Out.’ The interior designer did quite well professionally and has a private portfolio that’s available only on request to maintain his client’s privacy, which includes quite a few big names from the entertainment industry, such as ‘How I Met Your Mother’ actor Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka. Trace also has an official website under his own name where he sells exquisite high-end boutique furniture.

While Trace has managed to find a comfortable footing for himself professionally, the interior designer has done wonders in his personal life, too. Sometime in 2018, he began dating ‘Queer Eye’ host Antoni Porowski after finding each other on Instagram. However, after months of being together, they realized that things weren’t working out and ended their relationship seemingly in mid-2019. However, from what we can tell, Trace has now found permanent love with Miles McMillan, a model whom he started dating in 2020. The two got engaged on June 27, 2023, on the latter’s 34th birthday in Japan.

Trace, who has always embraced his sexuality, has also been working hard on his physique and often posts snaps for his fans on his social media account. The ‘Flipping Out’ alum has also opened an OnlyFans account, which he announced on his social media much to the excitement of his fans who can’t seem to get enough of him. The account is quite popular and has already amassed a huge following within a very short period of time. With wedding bells on the horizon and Trace having found happiness and comfort in himself and with those around him, we and his fans wish nothing but the best for him and wish him all the luck in his future undertakings, both personally and professionally.

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