Tressa Silguero: Former Porn Star is a Content Creator on OnlyFans Today

Tressa Silguero holds the central narrative focus in the 2015 Netflix documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted,’ which delves into the inner workings of the amateur porn industry and focuses on the perspectives of young sex workers. Over the course of the documentary, Silguero ventures into the industry as a newcomer under her talent agent, Riley Reynolds’ agency, Hussie Models, and showcases the good and the bad side of the game through her journey. However, as the documentary only follows her story so far — up until a few months after she leaves the porn industry, viewers are bound to wonder where circumstances took Silguero in life.

Tressa Silguero Entered the Porn Industry at Nineteen

Hailing from New Braunfels, Texas, Tressa Silguero was only nineteen when she decided to leave her old life behind and left her parents’ home, boarding a flight to Miami. The flight was paid for by Riley Reynolds, who had advertised for a gig on Craigslist that Silguero recognized was related to the adult film circles when she responded. Thus began her journey into the amateur porn industry in 2013 as a female talent under the Hussie Models Agency. Reynolds booked jobs for Silguero as her agent and took a 20% cut from her earnings. Furthermore, he rented out a shared house to all his models, which remained Silguero’s residence in Miami during her initial career.

During her time with the Hussie Models, Silguero worked under the stage name Stella May, maintaining social media accounts for her persona across different platforms, especially X, then known as Twitter. Consequently, she created a significant digital footprint across the internet with her work as a porn star, working with numerous recognizable companies within the industry. Although the woman didn’t initially realize her early foray into the industry would become the core storyline of a popular documentary, she was receptive to the idea— comfortable with sharing her experiences for the project.

While Silguero’s mother guessed at her daughter’s career shortly after she departed from Texas— and received confirmation about the same soon— the woman’s father continued to be oblivious. Predictably, Silguero’s mother, Kelly, wasn’t happy with her daughter’s life choices and tried to persuade her to quit. Nonetheless, Silguero was confident in her career, happy to go from earning minimum wage as a waitress to working for hefty profits as a porn star. In the following months, as the end of 2013 approached, Silguero’s personal life advanced alongside her professional career as the woman entered a serious relationship with Kendall Plemons, an ex-boyfriend’s roommate.

Although Plemons maintained that he had an issue with her profession, he never tried to make Silguero’s decisions for her. Still, the woman’s career remained a topic of contention within her personal relations— be it with her boyfriend or her mother. Eventually, four months into her career, Plemons met Mrs. Silguero for the first time, and the duo convinced the porn actress to take her leave from the industry. As such, Silguero ended up leaving the Hussie Models in early 2014 and moved to Arlington, Texas, with Plemons, where she began working a regular job at a restaurant.

Where is Tressa Silguero Now?

Even though Tressa Silguero left the porn industry shortly after joining it, the opinions of her loved ones’ heavily influenced the decision. In the years since the release of the Netflix documentary, ‘Hot Girls Wanted,’ Silguero has opened up about her personal experience of the time of her life featured in the film. According to the woman, her then-boyfriend at the time, Kendall Plemons, and her mother, Kelly Silguero, compelled her to leave the industry by proposing an ultimatum to her. As per an interview by Silguero with Sex Positivity: Unfiltered, the duo made it apparent to Silguero that if she didn’t quit her job as a porn actress, she wouldn’t have a home with her parents and lose her relationship with Plemons.

Image Credit: Tressa Silguero/Instagram

For the same reasons, Silguero left the industry and pursued a “regular” life where things like marriage and kids were considered milestones. Thus, with her move to Arlington, the woman worked jobs in restaurants or warehouses. The jobs often came with the caveat of being recognized in public— especially after 2015 when ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ came out. Nevertheless, the former porn actress dealt with the complications, preferring not to discuss her past while at work but remaining open to correspondence over the internet.

As such, Silguero remained out of the porn industry for around a decade. During this time, several changes came into her life, such as her break up with Plemons, who turned abusive. Likewise, the years also brought other complications in her personal relationship, including her parents. Silguero’s father, Emeterio, in particular, took a long time to come around and communicate with her openly. Eventually, after trying to fit into a “regular” life, Silguero realized she wasn’t happy with her choices. For one, she missed the creative freedom of expressing herself with her body. Furthermore, the concepts of making money and having sex remained appealing to the woman.

Therefore, somewhere around the turn of the decade, Silguero decided to create adult content again, but this time, she chose a medium that’d enable her to retain control over her own work and became a content creator on OnlyFans. As a result, she is now able to produce much more organic and authentic content for her audience, all the while remaining in control of filming, editing, and distribution. Furthermore, she also launched a Twitch Channel, where she makes content about her day-to-day life, including her gaming and working out hobbies. She used to work as an Assistant Manager at Texas-based Lone Star Self Storage, till a year ago, but we are not sure if she still works there.

Meanwhile, the woman enjoys traveling and attending festivals outside of her profession and maintains a pescatarian lifestyle. As for her personal life, Silguero seems to be single and has expressed that dating and marriage aren’t a priority for her. Furthermore, she has also shared that she doesn’t plan on having any kids and is content with being an aunt to her numerous nieces and nephews. As such, her personal life is centered around her own happiness— and the well-being of her two pet dogs. On the other hand, Silguero’s relationship with her parents has significantly improved, even though her profession still remains a sore spot. Ultimately, in her early 30s, Silguero, a Texas resident, seems to have found the perfect way to balance her life.

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