Trilian Harris: Where is the BS High Quarterback Now?

With HBO’s ‘BS High’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a true insight into the reality behind the notorious football-driven academy that never really existed, Bishop Sycamore. After all, it comprises not only archival audio-video footage but also exclusive interviews with significant people to really underscore the scandal Founder/ Head Coach Leroy “Roy” Johnsson caused. Amongst those to thus feature here was actually quarterback Trillian Harris — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him as well as his current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Trillian Harris?

Although a proud native of Arlington, Texas, Trillian reportedly relocated to California around 2017 as a sophomore to attend Mission Viejo High School in order to propel his football dreams. The truth is he has almost always wanted to play at every level, which is how he subsequently developed a keen interest in its mental side too in the hopes of capturing the attention of colleges. And it turns out he did succeed — he was actively talking to several junior team coaches by the time fall 2019 rolled around, but then came the COVID-19 pandemic with no offers plus radio silence.

“I connect with the game of football,” Trillian said in the documentary film at one point. “It brings heart, drive, dedication, hunger. If you don’t have hunger, you can’t become a man. You gotta eat in this world, so I’mma eat.” Then, coming to his involvement with Bishop Sycamore High, this 2021 batch student revealed, “I was in need of an opportunity. It was COVID; I was just sitting on the couch, working out, waiting on JUCOs to open up. [Bishop Sycamore saw] me on the QB list, they see I was top-ranked, [so they approached me by claiming] they were an up-and-coming program.”

The promise of this athletics-first academy — playing the very best high school teams to get better tapes plus a chance to land a spot at a Division I college within a year or two — had Trillian hooked. However, little did he know this school had no physical presence, no funding, no teachers, no certified trainers, and no appropriate football equipment, putting all students at risk with each passing day. Though the last straw for him was the infamous ESPN-broadcasted match against IMG Academy, where he started the game while wearing an unsafe helmet (per state regulations) and was then expected to continue playing even after his left shoulder popped.

Where is Trillian Harris Now?

If it wasn’t for Trillian’s mother, Kristi Ferguson, putting her foot down on that fateful 2021 for his sheer safety, it’s unclear how things would have panned out, yet it certainly wouldn’t have been pretty. This teen hence parted ways with the school, only to continue training to the best of his abilities in the hopes a door might soon open up for him and help him prove his mettle as a quarterback. He essentially manifested this as he got an offer from Gambling State University in March 2022, whose head coach, Hue Jackson, is a former NFL coach as well as a quarterback specialist.

It thus comes as no surprise Trillian immediately committed, just for them to rescind their offer upon learning he’d actually attended the scam Bisho p Sycamore High in 2021, per the original production. He was obviously devastated by this, yet it’s evident he hasn’t lost his focus one bit — with his eyes on joining the NFL draft one day, this 6’5″ athelete continues to work hard to this day, all the while sharing his story with different programs to ensure they don’t make the same trusting mistake he did. In fact, from what we can tell, this admitted mama’s boy and skilled player is hoping to enroll in a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) in the fall of 2023, so we, for one, can’t wait to see what he does next.

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