Who Is Trisha Stratford, The Married At First Sight Expert?

‘Married At First Sight’ has been entertaining fans all over the world with new romances and relationships for quite some time now. With relationship experts analyzing each contestant’s profiles and then pairing them up with what a person who they hope would be their perfect partner, the series follows the meeting of the couple for the first time at the altar and their journey to making their relationship work.

Since the experts have all the control over who gets paired with whom and since they even make appearances on the show to help couples with their issues and troubles, you must be wondering who they are, right? Each of the three experts is responsible for different areas, so read on to know all about the clinical neuro-psychotherapist, Trisha Stratford.

Who Is Trisha Stratford?

Although a Wellington, New Zealand native, Dr. Trisha Stafford, based in Sydney, has been a part of the Australian edition of ‘Married At First Sight’ since 2015. As the neuro-psychotherapist expert, she tests the participant’s brain for its emotional capacity to get an idea about how well it can cope with being in a relationship.

Trisha helps couples understand how their brain can have an impact on their ability to form deep and meaningful relationships and how it can affect how attractive they find a person. Her specialization in the reasoning behind emotional and physical connections is what drew her to ‘Married At First Sight’ in the first place.


Trisha has been working as a training consultant and clinical neuro-psychotherapist and executive coach for relationships for over twenty-five years now. She has a PhD in Neuroscience and has done her Post- Doctoral research in establishing how the brain is responsible for all aspects of the relationships.

Not only this, but Trisha also has experience in hostage negotiation and has worked as a communications and training consultant for corporations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, and even the Pacific. She is interested in knowing how relationships can have an impact on leadership, communication, and change. Her hard work and dedication in her line of work has made Trisha a well-known name in her field and has earned her massive success.


As for her own personal relationships, Trisha has finally found the love of her life in Roger, a New Zealand native as well. Although she keeps her life private, she has revealed that a mutual friend of theirs from New Zealand had been trying to set them up for two years before they both finally agreed to meet each other on a blind date,

Speaking to Woman’s Day NZ in 2018, she even confessed that her relationship is so serious that she is moving to Auckland to be with him. “I was always planning to come back, but he’s sped up my time frame. A friend set us up on a blind date, and he flew over to Sydney to have coffee. We’ve been together since the beginning of the year.”


The couple has been inseparable ever since they first got together in February 2018, and with how well their relationship is going, it looks like Trisha has finally found “The One” for herself.

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