Tristen Ikaika Shark Tank Update: Where Is Tristen Ikaika Now?

Tristen Amal Ikaikamaikai’ikaneokalani Persons AKA Tristen Ikaika pitched his eponymous brand on season 13 episode 12 of the business-themed reality show ‘Shark Tank.’ Tristen is an incredible designer who creates exquisite rings out of cutlery that he collects while on his travels. The unique concept immediately grabbed our interest, and we had to dig deeper. Well, here’s what we found out about the brand’s journey and growth!

Tristen Ikaika: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Born and brought up in Utah, Tristen Ikaika spent a significant part of his childhood in his father’s home state of Hawaii, which shaped him into the person he is today. Although not much is known about his education or degrees, Tristen worked as an expert videographer and photographer who excelled in travel images before starting his lifestyle jewelry brand. Incidentally, Tristen was only 12-years-old when he got impressed at how their family friend, Cody Barker, could make incredible rings out of cutlery. Tristan even understood the importance of rings and how they shine a spotlight on the wearer’s personality.

Therefore, determined to craft rings on his own, he set up his own workshop in the garage right from his school year. The rings Tristen made soon grew in popularity among his schoolmates, and he quickly became the center of attention. However, with the advent of Instagram, Tristen found millions of people who showed a high interest in the rings he wore. Although he initially gained followers through his travel posts, people soon wanted to talk about the rings Tristen wore on his fingers, making him realize how he could turn his hobby into a lucrative business.

Each ring is made from a spoon or a fork and is bound to contain Tristen’s unique touch. Customers also receive a customized note along with a travel picture detailing the thought that went into creating the jewelry, and they gave him the title of “The Ring King.” Although these small special touches are what propelled him into the spotlight and got him millions of followers, Tristen stayed relevant by updating his designs regularly and always staying a step ahead of his competition.

Where Is Tristen Ikaika Now?

Tristan was amazed at the speed at which his first batch of rings sold out after he launched in 2017. Word quickly spread through social media, amongst other platforms, and soon more people showed an interest in owning a customized ring. Besides, Tristan stands out for the special attention he provides to each customer by involving them in his work through a real story or anecdote from his travel experiences. The added note with every purchase and a personalized travel picture also goes a long way towards increasing his popularity.

Furthermore, Tristan also has a service where he has his customers send in special cutlery to be turned into a personalized ring if they so desire. At present, Tristan has embraced the drop method of marketing and makes different collections available between a very specific time on a certain day. This marketing approach continuously drives up the demand, and the rings are generally sold out moments after the drop.

However, customers who are unable to obtain a piece from the drop can also purchase a few designs off the brand’s official website, where each piece can set one back by $20 to $60. Tristan now has a cult-like following on social media and even sells trendy apparel to increase his reach. Moreover, with his lifestyle jewelry brand growing in popularity and showing no evidence of slowing down, it seems like Tristen is sure to face further success in the near future.

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