Troop Zero: Where Was the Amazon Prime Movie Filmed?

A group of young schoolboys have been portrayed quite frequently in movies and television series. Very often, a girl is thrown into the mix for the sake of “diversity.” But it is surprising how not a lot of movies focus on an all-female group of kids. ‘Troop Zero’ is a family movie that revolves around a bunch of elementary schoolgirls and we couldn’t have asked for a more wholesome movie to break the gender-related representation.

The film is inspired by the 2010 play, ‘Christmas and Jubilee Behold the Meteor Shower’ and follows a group of misfits. The band of girls is led by the feisty Christmas Flint as they embark on a mission to infiltrate a Birdie Scouts youth group in order to win a talent show. The show’s characters are truly oddball, making the film humorous and extremely fun.

Moreover, it stars talented actors like Viola Davis, McKenna Grace as well as Jim Gaffigan.

Troop Zero Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where ‘Troop Zero’ was filmed. One of the charms of the movie is its appealing visuals. The film has been beautifully shot, and one can even say that the captivating cinematography manages to capture and somewhat reflect the theme of curious exploration and childhood fascination. For instance, the scenes where the kids travel by bus and gawk out of its windows with their mouths open in fascination is an indication of how balanced the children’s outlook and the movie’s visuals are.


‘Troop Zero’ is mainly shot in the state of Louisiana. The southern state has a humid, subtropical climate and boasts of multiple national parks and high biodiversity. Bordered by the Mississippi River on its east, the state is the habitat of several species of birds and amphibians. It has large regions of swamps, coastal marshes, and wet Savannas too.

Principal photography for ‘Troop Zero’ began in May of 2018 in Fairview-Riverside State Park in Madisonville, Louisiana. It sprawls over 99 acres along the Tchefuncte River and has hundreds of campsites, a nature trail and several water sport facilities. There is also the Otis House Museum which was constructed in 1885 within the Fairview-Riverside State Park.

Moreover, filming for ‘Troop Zero’ was also carried out in the Luling region of St. Charles Parish in Louisiana. With highly rated public schools, relatively lower population density, and tons of open places, Luling has a rural feel to it, which adds to the movie’s visual style. It makes it look like the movie’s characters belong to a small town, and their adventure becomes even more grand because of that.

Other than that, the community of Lafitte in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana is also one of the filming locations of ‘Troop Zero.’ Located on the south of Louisiana Highway 45, it can be called a fishing community. Fishing is not only of importance for the local economy of Lafitte, but also holds a special place in its culture.