Fear the Walking Dead S8 E7: How is Troy Otto Alive? What Does He Want?

The second half of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ begins with Troy Otto appearing before Madison Clark, who has been attacked since taking control of PADRE, the unrevealed haven. In the seventh episode of season 8, Troy’s men hunt her, along with Victor Strand, down and present them before Troy, whose existence astounds Madison, who has been believing that she killed him years ago. Troy’s supposed death happens in the third season as Madison smashes his head with a hammer. As he returns with the same hammer, the viewers must be stunned thinking about how is he alive. Here’s everything you need to know about the antagonist’s return! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Survival of the Vicious

Madison Clark sets out to kill Troy Otto when she learns that he is nothing but a vicious murderer. Towards the end of the third season, they join hands together to explode a dam. Soon, Madison learns that Troy is the one behind the deaths of several survivors at the Broke Jaw Ranch. She unleashes her anger by picking a hammer and smashing his head using the same. Madison then leaves the hammer by the body of Troy. It doesn’t take long for the dam to explode and the water to sweep away everything and everyone on its way.

Madison, along with the viewers, must have believed that Troy’s body got swept away by the water after the explosion. Even if her smashes don’t kill him, the aftermath of the explosion should have, which indicates that Troy gets taken away from the place to a safe location before the same happens. Considering that all he loses due to the attack is the sight of an eye, it is safe to say that Troy is not included in the casualty list of the dam explosion. Even though the series hasn’t yet revealed who rescues him from death, the person/group takes care of him well enough for him to raise a militia of his own after his recovery.

The Man With the Hammer

Troy resurfaces in Madison’s life for two things: PADRE and vengeance. The Ottos have always craved authority. However, when the world collapses due to the zombie apocalypse, their immediate concern becomes survival rather than the reign of the world. Troy and his family’s Broke Jaw Ranch militia becomes a potent organization among the survivors. However, the fall of the ranch happens not long before Madison smashes Troy’s head with a hammer. After cheating death, Troy is after the same authority he and his relatives have always longed for but this time, he wants the same to be based in PADRE, likely the safest haven in the world.

After Shrike’s death, Madison sends out messages from PADRE hoping that the same will be heard by the mothers of the children she stole for the community. Unfortunately for her, Troy becomes one of the listeners. He then starts to dream of occupying PADRE with his militia. He must be longing for the power that will be transported to him once he becomes the head of one of the safest locations left for the survivors. As the founders of PADRE wanted, he may form connections with other minor survivor communities to make them dependent on the haven to rule them directly or indirectly.

Troy must be aspiring to build his own Commonwealth, a survivor community in the original series ‘The Walking Dead,’ by occupying PADRE. In addition, he must be relishing the opportunity to fight Madison to gain the same. Since Madison tries to kill him, Troy most likely will do the same. He even kickstarts his vengeful actions by apparently killing Alicia, Madison’s daughter. Once he gains the location of PADRE from Madison, he may aim to put an end to her life. After Victor Strand’s reunion with Madison, we can expect the former to shield the latter from Troy, even if it means reigniting his murderous impulses to kill the man with the hammer.

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