9 Best Twist Ending Movies on Amazon Prime (Feb 2024)

While every movie comes to an end, the ending is what adds to the film’s overall effect because that is what can either give the audience a sense of completion or incompleteness. While both can be good or bad, a twist is what makes it worthwhile. Filmmakers have often applied the twisted ending method to add to the film’s plot or reveal a long-awaited truth that takes the viewers by surprise. In this article, we bring you a list of top movies with a twist ending available on Amazon Prime.

9. The Wall (2017)

Directed by Doug Liman, ‘The Wall’ stars John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as US Staff Sergeant Shane Matthews, who is a sniper, and his spotter Sergeant Allen “Ize” Isaac, respectively. Set during the Iraq War, the film follows the two soldiers who are sent to investigate a pipeline construction site. After waiting for 22 hours, they realize that the site is clear, only to be targeted by an enemy sniper who shoots and kills Matthews. All by himself, Isaac has to take cover while trying to spot the sniper without revealing himself. A battle of patience and wit, ‘The Wall’ will test your patience as well. The final twist comes as a surprise. You can stream the film here to find out what that is.

8. Charade (1963)

For Regina Lampert, the murder of her husband isn’t what’s worrisome; it is that she is now being chased, along with her new lover Peter Joshua, by a trio of her late husband’s World War II friends who are looking for the cash that they and her husband stole together. However, there is more to Peter than meets the eye of Regina or the viewers. Funny, enthralling, interesting, and gorgeous, thanks to the lead actors, ‘Charade’ offers an apt twist ending. Directed by Stanley Donen, this one is a classic starring Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Walter Matthau, Thomas Chelimsky, and James Coburn. You can watch it here.

7. Coherence (2013)

It only takes a comet for things to go horribly wrong, right? Well, that’s what happens with eight friends who are having a dinner party when Miller’s Comet passes by and causes a power blackout in the whole neighborhood. Amid strange occurrences, the people try to find out what’s going on when they end up coming face to face with their doppelgangers. Not knowing who is who, the group encounters perhaps the most dangerous of choices: whom to believe and whom to not. Directed by James Ward Byrkit, ‘Coherence’ is a puzzle. If you want to solve it, you can watch it here.

6. The Uninvited (2009)

Directed by Charles Guard and Thomas Guard, ‘The Uninvited’ stars Emily Browning, Arielle Kebbel, and Elizabeth Banks. It follows Anna and her sister Alex, who are bent on finding out the mystery behind their father’s new girlfriend, Rachel Summers, who has moved in. This is after the sisters lost their mother in a fire at their boathouse. Summers was the mother’s nurse before the latter died. Now, Anna is subjected to her mother’s apparition and that of three children who warn her of a tragedy. What are they trying to tell? Who is Summers, really? The answer lies at the end of the film. You can watch it here.

5. Knock At The Cabin (2023)

What do you do when you are in a cabin with your family and then four people break in, intending to sacrifice one of you, based on your choice, as it is the only way to prevent a real apocalypse that has already begun? How do you stop them from doing what they are doing? Do you try to escape knowing that they can kill you, or do you choose whom to sacrifice? To look at it from a different angle, you have the power to save everyone. That makes you god. Would you be a god if it kills you? Director M. Night Shyamalan is known for his twist endings, and in ‘Knock At The Cabin,’ we get it in his signature style. Starring Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, Kristen Cui, Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, Abby Quinn, and Nikki Amuka-Bird, the film can be streamed here.

4. Bones And All (2022)

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, this is a story of two cannibals in a world where there are more like them, people who feed on other people. As the two embark on a long journey across 1980s America, they are subjected to horrors that are too much for them, and they even end up being a part of the horrors. They cannot outrun themselves or their nature, which is keeping them from each other. Starring Timothée Chalamet, Taylor Russell, Mark Rylance, Chloë Sevigny, and Michael Stuhlbarg, ‘Bones And All’ is a gruesome film that offers a painful twist at the very end. Whether you can keep watching it is up to you. You can stream it here.

3. All The Old Knives (2022)

Image Credit: Stefania Rosini/Amazon Studios

Starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton, this spy thriller with a well-executed twist ending is directed by Janus Metz Pedersen, based on Olen Steinhauer’s 2015 novel of the same name. Most of the film takes place in a restaurant and follows the conversation between CIA officer Henry Pelham (Pine) and retired CIA officer Celia Harrison-Favreau (Newton), both of whom are former lovers. The backstory is a hijack that led to the death of all the passengers onboard and that someone from CIA Vienna shared intel with the terrorists on the plane. Since Celia was stationed there, Henry has been sent to interview/interrogate her, too. While this seems to be the case, the truth is something totally different, which is what makes for a twist in the ending. You can watch the film here.

2. Saltburn (2023)

Director Emerald Fennell takes us on a mind-bending erotic ride full of twists, including a big one at the end. We follow Oliver Quick, who is invited by his new attractive friend Felix Catton at the University of Oxford to spend the summer at the latter’s mansion named Saltburn. Quick’s experiences with Felix’s eccentric family, whose unorthodox standards of posh living start to take a toll on him, and we find him slowly blending with the surrounding environment that is underscored by his attraction and desires. The change that Oliver goes through is what follows. The cast includes Barry Keoghan as Oliver Quick and Jacob Elordi as Felix Catton, along with Rosamund Pike, Archie Madekwe, Alison Oliver, and Carey Mulligan. You can stream ‘Saltburn’ here.

1. Goodnight Mommy (2014)

This underrated German psychological thriller follows 10-year-old twin brothers Elias and Lukas, whose mother has just got cosmetic facial surgery, and her whole face is bandaged, with the only visible parts being her eyes and mouth. As the days pass, the boys become more and more confused about whether the woman is their mother or someone else, someone scary. The film itself showcases the mother in the same way, one that is surreal and inhuman. However, the truth revealed at the end is something else entirely and isn’t related to the mother but to the twin brothers. ‘Goodnight Mommy’ stars Elias Schwarz, Lukas Schwarz and Lukas Schwarz. You can watch it here.

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