Tyler Perry: Filmmaker Seems to be Single After Break Up With Gelila Bekele

Image Credit: Tyler Perry/Instagram

Donning several hats, director, actor, and producer Tyler Perry has time and again displayed the extensive ability to embody different roles and characters. Displaying the extent of his talent and his rise as a performer, ‘Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story’ encapsulates the unbridled creativity that led the artist to emerge on a global platform. Helmed by Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz, the documentary film traces the highs and lows of the artist’s career and life. While his professional streak has been the central feature of the documentary, his personal life has also made fans and audiences curious.

Tyler Perry Was With Gelila Bekele

Born in New Orleans, Tyler Perry has earned professional acclaim and also focused on his personal life over the years. In the early 2000s, the Louisiana native was reported to be in a brief relationship with actress Tasha Smith. Having met on the sets of ‘Why Did I Get Married,’ it was stated that the duo quickly established common ground and found an affinity for one another. However, the two had never confirmed the nature of their relationship and whether or not their friendship blossomed into something more. Nevertheless, the actors have remained on friendly terms ever since.

In an appearance on the ‘Wendy Williams Show,’ Tasha confessed how she was shocked when she heard that Tyler was going to be a father. The actress jokingly remarked, “He’s like an uncle that never has sex, like seriously.” Nevertheless, she shared how elated she was for her fellow actor. Besides Tasha Smith, Tyler was also speculated to have a relationship with model and television personality Tyra Banks. It was supposed that Tyler and the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ actress had developed a deep connection with one another in the late ‘00s. After the personalities were spotted together publicly in 2006, romance rumors were sparked.

However, Tyler and Tyra later clarified that they were merely friends and that the nature of their relationship was not romantic. Besides this, the director has had one long-term romance and even shares a son with Gelila Bekele. The actor first met the 37-year-old model and documentary filmmaker at a Prince concert in 2007. It wasn’t long before their affection for each other blossomed into something more. The individuals embarked on a new journey after getting to know each other better and connecting as friends.

Gelila and Tyler went public with their relationship in 2009 and continued to showcase moments of domestic bliss publicly. In 2014, they reached yet another milestone in their relationship when they welcomed their son, Aman, into the world. As the parents of a young boy, the duo has been heavily involved in the lives of their kin. While their work had kept them busy, the duo remained steadfast in their resolve to provide a holistic environment for his upbringing. Since then, they have decidedly kept their son out of the public realm and media spotlight.

Alas, the duo’s decade-long companionship came to an end in 2020 when Tyler Perry shared his renewed relationship status on Instagram. The television personality made an honest evocation of his feelings and wrote, “This is what a midlife crisis looks like. I’m 51, single and wondering what the next chapter in my life will look like. Whatever it looks like, I’m going to walk with God, be the best father and man I can be, hold my head up high and try to look my best doing it!!!…” While the individuals have never publicized the reason for their separation, they have remained committed to remaining the best version of themselves for the sake of their son.

Tyler Perry is Now Focusing On His Health and Well-Being

Since parting ways with Gelila Bekele in 2020, Tyler Perry has remained quiet about his personal life. While the multi-faceted personality has shared little updates about his romantic relationships, it is apparent that he’s still in a great relationship with the mother of his child. In a November 2023 interview with Today, Gelila Bekele, an Ethiopian documentary filmmaker, talked about handling the reins of Tyler Perry’s latest project, ‘Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.’

The documentary that dives down deep into the life and upbringing of the television personality has been co-directed by Gelila. Besides maintaining the integrity of his life story, the movie has also included the unabashed highs and lows of the actor, director, and producer’s life. While Gelila has zeroed in on the seminal phases of Tyler’s life, the duo has mutually chosen to eliminate his and Gelila’s relationship from the documentary. Instead, the film will uncover other aspects of the actor’s success and rise. So, even though Tyler Perry may be single at the moment, it is apparent that he’s achieving new milestones as a father and a friend consistently.

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