Tynesha Brooks: Where is Amirah Watson’s Mom Now?

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When Amirah Watson went to her mother, Tynesha Brooks’ house, on January 31, 2020, she had no idea of the terrifying ordeal awaiting her. Even though the latter was supposed to return the 10-year-old to her father a couple of days later, the mother chose to take her child and go on the run, defying court orders. Netflix’s ‘Missing: Dead or Alive’ chronicles the horrific incident and follows the investigation that eventually rescued Amirah safely. Yet, if you are interested in the details surrounding the case and want to find out where Tynesha is at present, we have you covered.

Who is Tynesha Brooks?

When Tynesha Brooks met Mansoor Watson for the first time, she believed him to be the man of her dreams. However, despite sharing a child, Amirah, their relationship soon deteriorated, and separation was the only solution. Subsequently, the two were also involved in a lengthy custody battle until the judge finally offered the child’s primary custody to Mansoor. On the other hand, Tynesha had visitation rights and was even allowed to spend a few days with her daughter occasionally.

At the time of Amirah’s disappearance, Tynesha resided alone in Richland County, South Carolina, and led a quiet life. People who know her mention that she mostly kept to herself, although she did look forward to spending time with her daughter. Still, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary, and no one could have predicted Tynesha’s sinister plan to kidnap her child. On January 31, 2020, she drove to a common meeting point in Dillon County, South Carolina, where she met Mansoor and Amirah.

According to reports, the 10-year-old was to stay with her mother for two days, as Tynesha was compelled to return her to her father by February 2. Hence, Mansoor handed their daughter over without thinking much of it before returning home. Yet, things turned dark on February 2, when he could not reach Tynesha over the phone. On top of it, there was no sign of the young girl, and officers who visited her mother’s house in Richland County found it empty.

As the police began their rescue operations, the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office waited 72 hours before issuing a warrant for Tynesha on the charges of not returning a child within 72 hours of a custody order. Meanwhile, law enforcement officials contacted Tynesha’s sister, Jackie McKee, who initially denied knowing about the incident. Still, shortly after, she approached officers and insisted that Mansoor was abusive towards Tynesha, which made her run away with her child. Nevertheless, he vehemently refuted such accusations, and the police redoubled their efforts in the search.

Tynesha Brooks is Living a Quiet Life as She Awaits Her Trial

Eventually, a little over a month after Amirah’s kidnapping, the police received news that Tynesha and her daughter hid in a relative’s house in Atlanta, Georgia. A team of officers was immediately dispatched to the location, but the investigators were asked to be discreet to keep Tynesha from escaping. Subsequently, upon entering the house, authorities located Amirah, who seemed to be completely safe and sound. Her mother, Tynesha, was also present in the same place, and investigators took her into custody before handing the 10-year-old to her father.

After her arrest, Tynesha Brooks was extradited to Dillon County, where she faced charges related to not returning a child within 72 hours of a custody order. However, with no news of her possible conviction or acquittal, she is seemingly awaiting her day in court. In the meantime, Tynesha has even embraced privacy, although it looks like she still resides in South Carolina.

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