Up and Vanished Season 3: Premiere Date, Narrator, Recap, Update

It is said that the time period of the first 72 hours is the most critical thing in any case of disappearance. Most cases are solved within this time limit. The farther you go from it, the slimmer the chances get. It soon becomes a cold case and turns out to be just another file sitting in a cupboard. As humans, we don’t like unresolved things. We need answers and this is what attracts people so much towards true crime and cold cases. Payne Lindsey is also one of those people and his interest in true crime led to ‘Up and Vanished’, one of the most popular true-crime podcasts of all time. Lindsey executive produces it alongside Donald Albright. Meredith Stedman serves as the creative producer; Mason Lindsey is the Associate Producer. Dr Maurice Godwin serves as the forensic detective.

Who is the Host of Up and Vanished Podcast?

‘Up and Vanished’ is a true-crime podcast that finds support in the marvellous narration of its host, Payne Lindsey. He is a true crime fan just like you and came across the case of Tara Grinstead on the Internet. What attracted him towards it further was the fact that someone he knew had seen Grinstead before her disappearance. Lindsey wanted to develop this case into a documentary and started researching on it. He is a fan of ‘Serial’ and used a similar method to record his investigation, which then took the form of the podcast. He launched Tenderfoot TV with Donald Albright after the success of ‘Up and Vanished’, which went on to receive more than 50 million downloads within a year. He also entered into a partnership with HowStuffWorks in 2018 and hosted another popular true-crime podcast, ‘Atlanta Monster’. In its two seasons, he explores the case of Atlanta Child Murders and the Zodiac Killer.

What’s Up and Vanished About?

In every season of ‘Up and Vanished’, Payne Lindsey explores a case that has been left untouched for a considerable amount of time. People simply vanished without a trace and there was nothing that the police could find to solve the puzzle. The first season of ‘Up and Vanished’ follows the case of Tara Grinstead. She was a history teacher living in Ocilla, Georgia. She was the winner of multiple beauty pageants, and the night before she disappeared, she had been at a beauty pageant. That was on October 21, 2005. A couple of days later people noticed that she was missing when she didn’t show up at work. Her colleagues notified the police and when they searched her house, they found her purse and keys missing. No signs of forced entry were seen, there was no proof of struggle. The case lay dormant for about twelve years before an anonymous tip was received.

The second season focuses on the disappearance of a 29-year-old woman, Kristal Reisinger. She had moved from Denver to Crestone due to its reputation as a spiritual centre. She was heavily invested in religion and philosophy, knew how to read tarot cards and even claimed to be a clairvoyant. She had one daughter and lived in downtown Crestone. It was her landlord who reported her missing after not having seen her for a couple of days. She was last seen on the night of July 18, 2016, at the Full Moon Drum Circle gathering. There has been no word on her since. You will have to listen to the podcast to know what happens when Lindsey, our host, starts digging deeper into the case.

Up and Vanished Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Up and Vanished’ season 2 premiered on August 20, 2018. Just like the first season, it too received great reviews and the love of its fans. Through his investigation in both the cases, Lindsey proved his mettle as an investigative journalist. You could very well call him a great detective. The case of Tara Grinstead hadn’t been cracked for eleven years. It was “the largest case file” in the history of cold cases in Georgia. It was only after Lindsey dug up some new information that a conclusion was found to the story. With the second case, due to the podcast, substantial steps were taken in the investigation. It got people talking about it again, and this is what helped him with the success of the first one. We rarely get to see cold cases find closure in a retelling, be it through a podcast or documentary or any other medium. So, when Payne managed to do this extraordinary thing with ‘Up and Vanished’ it got everyone’s interest. Now, everyone wants to know what case he chooses to solve next.

There has been no word on the third season by Lindsey or Tenderfoot TV, so we might have to wait a while until we have an update. If we consider the pattern of the release of previous two seasons, there was a two-year gap between the conclusion of the first season and the beginning of the second. Moreover, the first season was planned as a six-episode season, but the developments in the case upped its count to twenty-four. The second season wrapped up on November 27, 2018, with twelve episodes, but if it follows the lead of the predecessor, we might see some developments and more episodes might get added. Lindsey has stated that the season might be over but he isn’t done with the case yet. What this means is that while season 3 might still be in the works, Lindsey will continue updating the audience with the latest in both Grinstead and Reisinger’s case.

Our estimate based on everything we know is that ‘Up and Vanished’ season 3 could release sometime in August, 2020. As soon as we get to know more about it, we will update this section.

Where Can I Listen to Up and Vanished?

If you love true crime stories, then ‘Up and Vanished’ is a must-listen for you. You can listen to both the seasons of Up and Vanished on the official page of the podcast right here. In case, you find out something that has been overlooked, you can contact the Up and Vanished team or report it directly to the cops. Here is the trailer of the second season, if you haven’t yet caught up with it yet.

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