Update on DynoSafe From Shark Tank

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ is a long-running reality series that acts as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business ideas before a panel of industry tycoons in the hopes of landing a much-needed investment to kickstart their expansion plans. If the panel members, or Sharks, like what they hear, they offer the businesspersons a deal, leading to a back and forth that honestly schools the audiences in the ways of the trade.

However, even if the hopefuls don’t walk away with the funding they were looking for, the exposure they garner from being on a popular show like ‘Shark Tank’ definitely helps them out. Hoping to be in the former category, though, as seen on Season 12, is DynoSafe. So, if you’re like us and are curious to know the details of their entrepreneurial journey since their appearance on the show, we’ve got you covered. We did a bit of digging, and here’s what we found.

DynoSafe: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Arizona-based DynoSafe is a company that solves all the problems that usually come with the traditional delivery processes. From people stealing packages to the “Sorry, we missed you” note on the door, quite a few things can go wrong. So, to combat them, Rebecca Romanucci – a registered nurse – and her husband, and Eric Romanucci – a colorectal surgeon and Colonel in the Army Reserve – created the DynoSafe Delivery Lockbox, which also has an app for ease of use.

Even though some assume that Rebecca, Founder and CEO of DynoSafe, initially created the lockbox to help herself, the reality is much different. She was inspired to form this foolproof solution when she realized that veterans who experience PTSD and live with other disabilities find going to the stores complex and need to have essential items delivered to their homes. Then, when the pandemic hit and general deliveries skyrocketed as well, Rebecca knew that DynoSafe is for everyone.

After all, the DynoSafe Delivery Lockbox is a temperature-controlled container. It is smart, home-enabled, contactless, and helps the user keep track of any attempted modifications, meaning reduced chances of delays and thefts. Once the delivery person enters the code you have generated and places your item inside the lockbox, it’ll stay inside until you retrieve it. With DynoSafe, you never have to worry about your deliveries getting stolen or ruined under unfavorable climate conditions.

DynoSafe: Where Are They Now?

Rebecca Romanucci applied for a patent for DynoSafe in 2017, which was approved a year later, allowing her to experiment with compressors and other elements that eventually led her to the final lockbox. With all this, DynoSafe’s features now include a built-in alarm, battery backup keypad, improved resource sustainability, and the option of remote temperature adjustments. In short, DynoSafe is a smart-home Internet of Things (IoT) device that connects with all other smart devices, including smartphones, Alexa, delivery robots, AI vehicles, and drones.

However, in saying all that, if you want a DynoSafe Delivery Lockbox for yourself, it is currently only available on their website. And even with that, you’d have to join the waitlist to be notified on when and where you can receive it. As Rebecca told AZ Tech Beat, DynoSafe is currently in the pre-production and pre-revenue phase, so she only applied for ‘Shark Tank’ for awareness purposes. Although, she hoped an investment would help move it from this phase to the next. We should mention that the lockbox’s prototype has been tested with 100% success.

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