Update on Prime 6 Charcoal From Shark Tank

Image Credit: Prime 6 Charcoal/Facebook

Every business starts with a dream, but unfortunately, the most crucial factor in its set-up and working, which tends to be a hindrance at most times, is capital. And that’s where ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ comes in. Being a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their business models before a panel of renowned investors, it aims to financially help innovative and never-before-seen products reach their full potential.

In exchange for investing in the ideas or businesses of the entrepreneurs, the Sharks look out for shares in their companies. With all that combined, you get the perfect recipe for success. And as seen on season 12, hoping to walk away with the deal of a lifetime that will help them achieve the same, is a brand called Prime 6 Charcoal.

Prime 6 Charcoal: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Image Credit: Prime 6 Charcoal / Facebook

We all know that smoke adds a one-of-a-kind aroma and flavor to our food, but if the charcoal used for it is full of chemicals and binding agents, then what’s the use of healthy, grilled eating? We mean, even if you want to enjoy a good barbeque session, if the idea of harmful chemicals going into your body or traveling into the air are stuck at the back of your mind, then there is no chance that you’ll truly be able to let loose. And that’s why Riki and Oron Franco created a charcoal product that contains no additives whatsoever, helping us improve the whole experience altogether.

Riki, with a Masters in Business and International Management, has worked in both Mexico and New York as a financial officer, and Oron, with a Culinary Arts diploma, has the kind of experience that makes him an expert in his field. Despite their high-powered jobs, though, the couple is still down to earth and loves an outdoor assembly with their children, friends, and family. And their devotion to sustainable living and being environmentally friendly eventually guided them to combine their passion with their dream of establishing a business. Thus, together, they created Prime 6 Charcoal.

Prime 6 Charcoal: Where Are They Now?

Image Credit: Prime 6 Charcoal / Facebook

Prime 6 Charcoal is hexagonally shaped, made from hardwood waste sawdust, which is compressed and slowly carbonized to turn into a piece of dense charcoal. And the design in itself, being hollow in between, allows air to circulate better, leading to a higher burning time – 4+ hours. The product can also be broken into different sizes for ease of use, but they will always burn longer and hotter than any other kinds of charcoals, making it perfect for everybody. As for the waste aspect of it, it leaves behind no ash or residue, and it can be reused up to seven times.

A single pound of Prime 6 Charcoal equates to about 3 pounds of lump charcoal, so when you purchase it, you’ll be getting a product that’s worth your money. Their package sizes range from 9, 18, and 22-pound, costing $24.99, $44.99, and $49.99, respectively. You can buy the product from their official website and Amazon, or you can head on to online stores like Lowe’s and Walmart. In 2019, Western Beef became an exclusive retail partner of Prime 6 Charcoal, and they announced that they planned to make it available through their website. Chef’s Choice and Baldour also distribute this charcoal.

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