Update on Rumpl Blankets From Shark Tank

Shark Tank‘ is a long-standing, critically acclaimed, multi-Emmy-Award winning reality series by ABC that provides a platform to budding entrepreneurs from all around the world. Inviting them to pitch their innovative business models to a panel of successful investors so as to persuade them to fund their ideas, it gives us a look into what it takes to make it into the industry. These investors, or Sharks, can sniff out a good deal from a mile away, so the goal becomes for the businessmen (and women) to negotiate the best possible offer for their objectives. One such company, aspiring to make it big, is Rumpl. Curious to know where they stand today? We’ve got you covered.

Rumpl: Who Are They and What Do They Do?


Rumpl is founded by Wylie Robinson, who, like almost every other entrepreneur, came up with the idea after a particularly unfortunate experience. He and his friend had gone on a camping trip into the wilderness of California when their van broke down, surrounded by nothing and no one for miles. With no cell service and cold temperatures, they had no choice but to wrap themselves up in their sleeping bags. With time, Wylie realized that the sleeping bag he was in was far more comfortable than the blankets he had at home, so after he got back, he consulted a few people and then created a brand new category of coverings. After raising $250,000, he quit his full-time job and officially founded Rumpl.

Rumpl’s blankets are wholesome to the extreme, as they not only keep you warm, but they are also made in a way that they remain weather-resistant, light, and portable. Created with robust ripstop nylon, these blankets are eco-friendly and available in several sizes – you can choose from one-person, one-person tall, and two-person. Apart from that, since its inception, Rumpl has also expanded its blanket range to include quite a few different varieties – based on levels of requirement, efficiency, and comfort. Some of them include; The Original Puffy, The Down Puffy, The Featherlite Down, and The Sherpa Puffy. With their designs and color schemes, Rumpl blankets make you feel warm and cozy, all the while still giving off an outdoor feeling.

Rumpl: Update


Aside from being available on the Rumpl website, today, you can also find these amazing blankets on Amazon, where some of the bestsellers include Deepwater and Cypress Original Puffy Blankets, Pyro Tri-Fade Down Puffy Blanket, as well as the Ocean-Inspired Blanket. Delving into the world of “not blanket” products, Rumpl now also manufactures and sells goods like towels and pillowcases, which maintain the same warmth and aesthetic design as the blankets.

Rumpl’s social media presence is quite phenomenal, having around 122,000 Instagram followers and over 23,000 likes and followers on Facebook, making it clear that their consumers are not just satisfied but delighted with the products. So, with the exposure from ‘Shark Tank,’ we can only imagine where the company will go next. With the tagline “Blankets For Everywhere,” we guess we’ll just have to wait and find out if Rumple is the blanket for everyone as well.

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