Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In the thirteenth episode of ‘Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!’ season 2 titled ‘I Want to Hang Out Together Next Year, Too!’ Hana and Yanagi are caught by their father as they take offensive photos of Shinichi while he is drunk. Fujio decides to let the situation go as everyone is intoxicant and is thinking irrationally. He even goes as far as dropping Shinichi back to his apartment with Hana and appears to genuinely feel that he is a good guy. Meanwhile, the day after his visit to the Uzaki household, Shinichi pretends that he does not remember anything but deep down he is embarrassed by everything that happened.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out Season 2 Finale Recap

After Shinichi gets drunk, Fujio goes out for something unbeknownst to what may happen in his absence. At this point, Shinichi is not in his senses and could barely understand what is happening. Yanagi and Hana come up with a strange idea to click photos of him after removing his shirt so that they can sell it to Ami. Except for Yanagi, everyone in the Uzaki household is intoxicated. When Tsuki sees her daughters treating Shinichi horribly, she just makes sure that his clothes are looked after instead of stopping the sisters.

By the time Fujio returns, Hana is pulling down Shinichi’s pants and he can’t believe that Tsuki allowed this to happen in her presence. He immediately makes sure that Shinichi gets his clothes back. Looking at his condition, it is obvious that he won’t be able to go back home on his own. Therefore, Fujio books a cab for him. He and Hana decide to take Shinichi to his apartment. When the cab reaches there, Hana takes Shinichi to his room while her father waits outside.

Hana makes Shinichi’s bed. Before leaving she ends up hugging him and the duo ends up on the bed together. As Shinichi hugs Hana back, she can’t help but feel embarrassed by the entire scenario. All of a sudden Shinichi leans in for a kiss but at the very last second, he drops next to Hana and falls asleep. The following day, Shinichi tells Hana that he does not recall anything from the previous night. They spend as they normally would but after Shinichi finally returns to his apartment, it is revealed that he remembers everything.

Shinichi has barely kept his emotions in check all day and thinks about how close he was to kissing Hana the previous night. On new year’s eve, he and his friends have planned to go to a shrine. But deep down he feels conflicted by the entire scenario. Shinichi is yet to figure out what he is going to do not that he knows Hana likes him.

Does Shinichi Tells Hana He Likes Her?

On new year’s eve, Shinichi visits the shrine with his friends and colleagues just as he had planned. When he gets the opportunity, he talks to Sasaki and Akihiko briefly about something he recently learned. Shinichi tells them that he thinks Hana likes her but he does not get the response he had expected. Sasaki and Akihiko tell him that everyone knows about it at this point, which shocks Shinichi who has been completely clueless all this time.

However, he plans to do nothing even after learning about Hana’s emotions which infuriates Sasaki initially. But before the discussion could lead to any conclusions, Akihiko informs the other two that Hana and Ami have also arrived there. Sasaki and Akihiko offer all their support to Shinichi in case he needs their help. But he seems conflicted at the moment. When he meets Hana, she greets him in her usual mood and appears to be quite excited about the new year’s plan.

A lot of people also gathered at the shrine to watch the first sunrise of the year. Shinichi was fighting internally as he was wondering how he must address the present scenario. He eventually decides to tell Uzaki that he likes her. When the sun rises, he grabs her hand which startles Hana. But at the last moment, Shinichi changes his mind and just tells her to hang out with him this year as well. Naturally, Hana agrees and the two still keep their feelings to themselves.

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