Verneashia Allen From Ready to Love is a Proud Mother of Four Kids

Image Credit: Verneashia Allen/Instagram

Discovering the possibility of love once again, OWN’s ‘Ready for Love: Make a Move’ chronicles the journey of individuals who seek a chance at true connection. Unrelented by past experiences, the reality show features the authentic journey of individuals as they bring down their walls and open themselves to the possibilities of a true connection. The series features individuals from previous editions of ‘Ready to Love,’ who are still in search of the right one. Varneashia Allen is one of the people who explores the chances of a lifelong romance. Her vivacious personality has made fans curious to know more about the reality star. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Verneashia Allen’s Age and Background

Unafraid to explore the horizons of her abilities, Verneashia Allen always worked to expand her skills and knowledge. From a young age, Allen realized her penchant for creativity. From dabbling into projects that would enhance her skillset to experientially gaining hands-on experience, Allen consistently raised the bar for excellence. With the support of her parents, she continued to strive and raise the bar for excellence.

After graduating with a high school diploma in her hometown, she went on to study Residential Sales and Real Estate at Houston Community College. With a determined mindset, she also ventured into beauty and skincare. Later, she earned a certification from the Royal Beauty Careers in Cosmetology and Styling. Based in Texas, the reality star continues to enjoy the fruits of her labor with her family and close friends.

Verneashia Allen’s Profession

In line with her interests, Allen didn’t take long before plunging into her professional journey. Besides learning the reigns of real estate and residential market, she also began working as a stylist in Texas. After a three-year stint at DJ’S Barber and Beauty Salon in Pearland, Allen expanded her work profile. She established a G.L.O.W. (Growing, Learning, Overcoming, Winning,) a non-profit organization.

With the hope of implementing change at the grassroots level, Allen established the organization to teach young girls tangible skills that would later manifest into leadership qualities. Through her organization, Allen hoped to inspire other girls to empower themselves without relying on anybody else. For years, she has conducted a Spring Teen Self-Empowment Brunch and Camp to encourage young women. While her work for the community has kept her busy, the television personality has also worked to expand her sources of income.

She went on to establish Pearland’s first and only stop shop that caters to all aspects of beauty, hair, and makeup for its clients. Allen’s beauty center, Spoiled Rotten Beauty Bar, has continued to attract clients for its remarkable services for almost a decade. While her envious skills as a makeup artist and hair stylist have led her to climb new heights, Allen has wisely used her knowledge in the residential market and real estate.

She has since become an Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor to a multitude of people in Texas. Besides this, her foray into reality television has also earned her a significant following on Instagram. To cater to her audience, she has since launched the ‘Spoiled Rotten Cocktails & Conversations’ podcast, where she sits down with guests to break down the intricacies of relationships and life.

Verneashia Allen is Likely Not Dating Anyone

In addition to enjoying a booming career, Allen also enjoys life as the mother of four daughters. Before appearing on ‘Ready to Love’ in the search for a true connection, the television personality was married for eight years. However, things didn’t work out between Allen and her ex-husband. Ultimately, the duo decided to separate. Besides witnessing each milestone in her children’s lives, Allen hopes to enter a new phase in her life, too.

Almost a decade since her marriage concluded, Allen is now ready to find love on her own terms. In season 4 of ‘Ready to Love,’ fans witnessed Allen gravitate towards Joel. While their endearing connection had led fans to hope for something more, it seems that the duo ultimately parted ways. Despite failing to find, Allen has gained lifelong friendships through the show. Naturally, she now looks forward to experiencing the throes of love once again.

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