Vicky Ulloa: Where is the Emergency: NYC EMT Now?

The work of a healthcare professional is far from easy, given just how crucial a few seconds can be when it comes to saving lives. Netflix’s ‘Emergency: NYC’ thus provides viewers a glimpse into exactly how challenging this particular line of work can be, especially in a city as populous and busy as New York City, New York. One of the medical show‘s most prominent faces is Vicky Ulloa, whose job involves establishing contact with people in need and providing them with everything necessary. If you want to learn more about her and what she is up to these days, worry not because we have your back!

Who is Vicky Ulloa?

Having grown up in the Central American country of Honduras, Vicky moved to the US in 2009. While on the show, she shared that her gender would have likely been a hindrance to her career in the medical field back in her homeland as she might not have been allowed to drive ambulances or take part in similar tasks. She is hence quite grateful for the life that she has been able to build after her relocation. As for her role as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), the decision to become one is borne from a reason quite close to the Netflix star’s heart.

“When I signed up to be an EMT, my decision was fueled by the desire to help others through some of their toughest moments. What I didn’t— or couldn’t ye t—realize was just how deep that desire stretched within me,” Vicky candidly shared. With over 12 years of experience within the medical field, she still marvels at how much she has been able to help others. According to her own accounts, she entered the New York health system in 2012 and has continued progressing in her chosen field of work.

Despite her primary role as a healthcare expert, there are a few times Vicky has had to do jobs that are not exactly a part of her usual routine. From helping the elderly to chasing out rats from the home of a scared woman, there are a variety of things she has done in her role as an emergency responder. That is not to say the work does not take a toll on her, and Vicky has confessed that sometimes there are cases that absolutely break her heart. However, she soldiers on to avoid further tragedy from happening to those who might benefit from her work.

Where is Vicky Ulloa Now?

As of writing, Vicky Ulloa continues to work as an EMT supervisor for the Northwell Health System. Given the organization’s prominence within the Netflix series, her time on the show is quite prominent as well since she navigates both the personal and professional sides of her life. Vicky is happily married to her husband Manuel, and the two welcomed their son, Mauricio, while the Netflix show was still under production.

Just before Mauricio was born, Manuel did have a bit of a health scare but bounced back and welcomed his son with open arms. Both Vicky and he could not be happier about becoming parents and like to spend as much time with him as possible. It seems like Vicky also has family living in Brooklyn, New York. In the Netflix series, she was seen with her elderly uncle, who was 94 at the time and needed medical care.

Despite the hardships of her job, Vicky continues to work hard and be her best for those who come under her care. “No matter what role I play on each call, the most important thing is that my patients feel safe. I’m a complete stranger when I walk through that door, and by the time I leave, some people ask for my phone number so they can keep in touch,” she shared. Her empathy and passion certainly allow the patients’ loved ones a form of relief. She is also a huge dog lover and has two adorable canines as pets.

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