Vik White: Where is the 7M Dancer Now?

Image Credit: Vik White/Instagram

With Netflix’s Jon Blair-directed ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ exploring the practices of Robert Shinn and his enterprises, we get a docuseries that is both chilling and intriguing. After all, it comprises not only archival footage but also exclusive interviews to underscore how he, his Shekinah Church, as well as his 7M Films talent agency allegedly exploit their members. Amongst those to thus be mentioned in this production was actually dancer Vik White, whose success has skyrocketed over the past year despite his close association with the purported cult.

Vik White is a Proud Native of Ukraine

Although Vik was born on December 15, 1998, as Slavik Pustovoytov in the city of Poltava, located right on the Vorskla River in Ukraine, he has spent the majority of his life in the United States. The truth is he was merely 11 years old when he first uncovered his passion for the art of dance, just to soon get an opportunity to pursue it much further as he relocated to Oklahoma a year later. We specify him alone because his immediate family remained in their homeland, yet it inadvertently only gave him a lot more of a push to pursue his dreams once he’d graduated high school.

Therefore, at the age of 18, he adopted the stage name Viktor “Vik” White for good and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to formally train as a dancer before ultimately settling in Los Angeles, California. If we’re being honest, he has dabbled in various dance forms over the years, but his specialty is hip hop as well as freestyle, which we can actually see throughout his many competition appearances. However, what truly propelled him into nationwide recognition was his incredible stint during the fifteenth season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ in 2018, where he ultimately placed fourth.

Hence came Vik’s reported affiliation with many of his fellow Los Angeles-based dancers, unaware it’d soon lead him to Robert Shinn’s Shekinah Church and then to 7M Films as a client in 2021. It has since been alleged the latter used to urge members to cut all contact with family so as to be free of sins while also being able to focus more on their careers, but it’s unclear whether he did so or to what extent. That’s because he has been quite public in his support for his homeland during its bloody ongoing war with Russia and has even kind of specified his loved ones are involved to an extent.

Vik White is Expanding His Wings At The Moment

Apart from being a dancer, Vik is actually also a choreographer as well as a social media influencer these days — he has over 8.4 million followers on TikTok, along with another 3.5 million on Instagram plus 394 thousand on YouTube. Moreover, and more importantly, this travel enthusiast has even stepped foot into the acting and modeling industries in the recent past, all the while remaining tied with 7M Films as his management company. Thus, he seemingly almost exclusively collaborates with fellow 7M dancers for his online content unless a brand or promotional deal demands otherwise — though this is not the case for his other endeavors.

In fact, whether it be Vik’s work with labels such as Revolve or, most recently, his role as boyband August Moon member Simon in Prime Video’s ‘The Idea of You,’ he has done it independently. We should mention this was the multi-faced individual’s very first acting part, but his near decade-long experience in the limelight as a dancer/television show competitor definitely helped him during filming.

Vik even told People in a candid interview that having a live audience for the Coachella scene “made it more real and fun because instead of just having to dance in the studio and look at ourselves in the mirror, finally being able to perform in front of the crowd I think gave us more energy. I think that’s what made the performance more real because we were actually performing in front of people.”

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