Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: The King and the Sword

In the eleventh episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘The King and the Sword,’ Canute faces huge financial challenges after ascending to the throne of Denmark. In order to find a way to deal with them, he has a meeting with Gunnar in which he opens up about his desire to take over farmland from wealthy individuals. Meanwhile, Ketil accidentally meets Leif Ericson thanks to Olmar’s rowdy and troublesome nature. That’s when he learns that Ericson is looking for an enslaved blonde man named Thorfinn, who once used to be a warrior.

Canute Ascends to Throne of Denmark and Faces Many Challenges

Although Ketil has ascended to the throne because of his brother’s poor health, he finds himself in a spot after he starts handling two nations at once which naturally comes with a lot of challenges. As of now the most important agenda for him is to fix the financial crisis that is caused by the deployment of Danish forces in England. Since the English will never trust Canute enough as he is a Dane, he feels it’s critical that his men are always there to keep control.

But this political conundrum has put Canute in a financial problem and after taking cognizance of the whole situation, Gunner even tells him that the only way he could maintain the status quo is by lifting the taxes significantly. But that could also turn the common man against the new king, which he naturally does not want. The only way Canute thinks that he can deal with the current crisis is by confiscating farmlands from rich men in the nation. Meanwhile, Ketil has also arrived in the nation and is received by Thorgill, who gives him the shocking news that King Harald has passed away.

Since he wants to establish good relations with the new king, Ketil asks his older son to arrange a meeting with Canute. Later, Ketil finds Olmar fighting a young merchant in the market. That’s when he meets Leif Ericson and learns that he is looking for an enslaved blonde man named Thorfinn. Since the Thorfinn at Ketil’s farm matches the description, Leif is eager to accompany his new acquaintance to see the enslaved man himself.

What is Canute’s Plan for Ketil’s Farm?

Merely a day after Ketil requests Thorgill to set up an appointment with Canute, the new king somehow manages to find time for them in spite of his busy schedule. Even Thorgill is surprised since he is well aware that Canute is preoccupied with his responsibilities almost every day and has no time to spare. When Ketil and his two sons finally find themselves in front of the king, they bow their heads with respect.

Canute is quick to mention that he liked Ketil’s presents and then enquires whether all the crops that he brought with him were grown on his own farm. When he gets the confirmation, Canute seems quite impressed. The new king even goes as far as claiming that Ketil’s farm should serve as the foundation of the nation’s strength. Naturally, Ketil is dumbfounded by all the praise and thanks Canute for his kind remarks.

But all of a sudden, Olmar stands on his feet and uses the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to request the king to let him serve as his guard alongside Thorgill. He claims that he has trained a lot and promises to be useful if Canute puts his trust in him. In order to test his skills with the sword, the king asks him to cut the pig’s meat along with the bones. But despite his best efforts, Olmar clearly struggles, revealing that he is not a great swordsman.

However, Canute still tells him that he will make up his mind only after consulting with the captain and asks Olmar to stay in the town near the castle in the meantime. Later that evening, Thorgill scolds Olmar and tells him to make sure that he does not do something that ruins their family name. Meanwhile, Canute is having a meeting with Wulf and Gunnar.

Wulf honestly tells the king that Olmar is not fit for the job. But Canute has other plans in his mind. He and his close advisors know that they can use someone like Olmar to their own advantage. Canute plans to take over Ketil’s farm and is probably looking to manipulate Olmar to achieve his goals. It remains to be seen how exactly he is going to deal with Olmar’s family and how the young man is going to help in the entire scheme.

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