Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: For Lost Love

In the twelfth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘For Lost Love,’ Olmar is informed by the members of the King’s guard that he failed to impress Canute’s head thegn, Wulf, and is not selected for the position. They go on to humiliate Olmar’s sword-fighting abilities and even publicly shame him. When Thorgill learns what is happening, he forces his brother to confront the enemy, and by sheer luck, he manages to kill Brood, Canute’s messenger. This leads to a bloodbath in which Thorgill kills the rest of the men who humiliated his brother. But this turns out to be a huge mistake as someone has been pulling the strings from the shadows to make Thorgill and Olmar make the worst mistake of their lives.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 12 Recap

After losing his only opportunity to make it to Canute’s guard, Olmar sits at a table trying to overcome the embarrassment he faced in front of his family and the king himself. Meanwhile, Canute’s messenger Brodd and his men are watching him from a distance and are making fun of him. That’s when they are told to inform Olmar that he has not been selected for the King’s guard. When Brodd meets Olmar with his men, he struggles to tell him about the decision professionally as he is unable to stop himself from laughing. This eventually continues to a point that Olmar gets agitated and draws his sword.

The situation leads to a proper duel between Brodd and Olmar, in which the former plays with the latter and does not take his opponent seriously. Although there is a difference in their skills, Brodd’s confidence backfires when the hooded man who had originally told him to talk to Olmar throws something in his eyes causing him to lose focus. The very next moment Olmar ends up striking Brodd and kills him. Thorgill arrived at the scene a few minutes before and had motivated his brother to fight when he was planning to run away. Now that Brodd’s men are ready to avenge his death, Thorgill takes them head-on and kills them easily.

How Does Canute Plan to Seize Ketil’s Farm?

After Ketil arrives at the scene, he finds the bodies of Brodd and his men in the pool of their own blood. It soon becomes obvious to him that his sons are responsible for it. When Ketil scolds Thorgill, the latter asks his father to calm down and justifies his action by explaining what had happened. Thorgill feels that Olmar has defended his honor and claims that the two of them did the right thing by killing Brodd and others. Naturally, Ketil is not happy with his sons and reminds Thorgill that duels are banned by Canute.

Ignoring his concerns, Ketil’s older son tells him that those laws are never applied properly, so they don’t have to worry. Ketil’s worst fears are realized when the King’s guard arrives there enquiring what had caused all this commotion just outside Canute’s castle. When they learn that there had been a duel and many people had died, their leader announces the immediate arrest of the trio. Thorgill is the first to realize what is happening and immediately starts killing the members of the King’s guard until only one of them is left.

Thorgill then tortures the man to reveal that Olmar’s fight with Brodd and his men was a setup so that Ketil can be held responsible and arrested for the crime. It turns out that he and others had received direct orders from Wulf. All of this was planned to imprison Ketil and eventually take over his farmland. Thorgill was right to recognize this sooner than everyone else and as soon as he realized who his enemies are, he was determined to give him a fight despite the huge disparity in their powers.

How Does Ketil and His Sons Escape From Jelling?

Sometime after the incident, Wulf meets Canute to inform him about the incident. Although Canute learns that Thorgill was a good ally who had worked for him until now, he knows that he cannot allow emotions to come in the way of his decision. After learning that Ketil and his sons had gone missing after the crime, Canute orders a search for them. He also mentions that his men must visit Ketil’s farm eventually, whose seizure has been the objective from the very start.

While Canute communicates with his men, Leif Ericson is heading to Jutland. It turns out that Ketil and his sons were secretly rescued by Leif who is desperate to find Thorfinn. Thorgill promises that he will allow him to keep the slave. Meanwhile, Ketil is quite mad at the fact that things have gone completely out of hand and Canute is probably planning to come after him. Olmar on the other hand is still in shock at what had happened and is lost in his thoughts as the ship slowly sails towards Ketil’s farm.

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