Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 16 Recap: Cause

In the sixteenth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘Cause,’ Einar and Thorfinn assume that Arnheid and Gardar have escaped after Snake’s men come to check their hut. But later they learn that Arnheid is not only still working on Ketil’s farm but she has hidden her husband in Sverkel’s hut after treating his serious wounds. Einar is moved when he listens to Arnheid’s dream of starting a new life with her husband and decides to help her escape no matter what it takes.

Arnheid Protects Gardar

After Snake’s men check Einar and Thorfinn’s hut, the latter realizes that Arnheid and Gardar have probably escaped. But when they eventually get to Sverkel’s hut, they are surprised to see Arnheid. They immediately rush to her to learn what had happened the previous night. Arnheid admits that Gardar has killed some of Snake’s men when he got the chance but was also injured severely in the process. She decided to save him by bringing him to Sverkel, who was kind enough to listen to them and even offer all his support.

After taking care of his wounds, Arnheid hid him in Sverkel’s hut. Since Thorfinn has noticed that they are being watched by Snake and his men from Sverkel’s hut, they pretend to wash utensils with Arnheid while trying to understand the situation. Since Snake is using Arnheid as a bait to eventually catch Gardar, it is quite obvious that things are complicated now. Meanwhile, Einar is not happy that Arnheid was reckless enough to do what she did.

Arnheid admits her mistakes and reveals that she was stupid enough to imagine that she can still start a new life with her husband and the child that will come into this world in the coming months. Einar is moved by her tears and asks her if she is ready to cast her lot with Gardar. It turns out that Einar is prepared to go to any lengths to help the couple escape and wants to know if Arnheid is willing to take the risks.

Does Arnheid And Gardar Escape With Thorfinn And Einar’s Help?

As Snake is sitting in Sverkel’s hut, he is informed by one of his men that a suspicious-looking man is staring in their direction. Although he is quite far, Snake assumes that the man can be none other than Gardar. He immediately chases the man on his horse with two of his men. As soon as he leaves, Thorfinn runs into Sverkel’s hut where they discuss their escape plan. Throfinn asks to borrow Sverkel’s horse and cart so that he can help Arnheid and Gardar escape on it. Although Sverkel agrees, he asks Throfinn to take him too as he feels that no one on the farm will question him if he is there with everyone.

Thorfinn naturally does not want Sverkel to get any more involved than he already is, but Ketil’s father does not seem to take a step back anymore. Meanwhile, Snake and his men are chasing the suspicious man not knowing that it is actually Einar dressed in a manner to look like Gardar. Although he had a huge lead, he is simply no match for men chasing him on the horses. At one point in the hunt, Einar even feels that he won’t be able to reach the stable in time and escape using a horse. Snake has been observing him throughout the chase and has a sudden realization.

Snake knows that Gardar is severely injured and there was almost no chance that a man could run this fast with that kind of wound. Therefore, he tells his comrades to continue the hunt and promises to send help, before turning back. By this point, Thorfinn has checked Gardar and has found that he is still alive despite his serious injuries. He starts loading him on the cart prepared to help him and his wife escape when he notices something from the corner of his eye that terrifies him.

It turns out that Snake has left his horse at some point and ran to the hut on foot so that no one realizes that he is coming. At this point, he knows that his suspicion was right and asks Thorfinn to not come in his way. Thorfinn who has decided to become a pacifist has visions of Askeladd who tells him that he will be justified to use force in this particular instance. Although he is conflicted, Thorfinn still fights Snake as he tries to get closer to Gardar. He feels that he can still help Arnheid and Gardar escape if manages to subdue Snake.

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