Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 19 Recap: The Battle of Ketil’s Farm

In the nineteenth episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘The Battle of Ketil’s Farm,’ Canute arrives on Ketil’s farm and sticking to his previous plan tries to give his enemies a chance to surrender. Meanwhile, Ketil takes the King’s forces lightly after learning that they are just hundred of them. But it turns out that those hundred soldiers are some of the best warriors on the planet and Ketil’s ragtag group of villagers stand no chance against him. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 episode 19. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Canute Tries to Annex Ketil’s Farm

In preparation for the battle, Thorgill assembles a group of men to fight against Canute on the promise that he will forgive all the money they owe him. Snake knows that the rag-tag group of soldiers has no chance against King and his men. When Canute eventually arrives on the farm, he sends his men to tell Ketil that he has been sentenced to ten years in prison. He still has time until tomorrow to give up his farm or run away if he wants.

Naturally, Ketil does not want any of those two options. When he learns that Canute has only come with hundred men, he and the villagers start laughing as they are far more in number. But Snake and Thorgill know that they are stupid. Canute has actually come with Jomsvikings and Thegn who are fearless warriors and a ragtag group like the one assembled by Ketil stands no chance against them. Before the battle begins, Snake tells his men that he will carry out his responsibility but they are allowed to run away if they wish.

Interestingly, they refuse to leave even after learning that the Iron Ketil story that their master has been telling is actually a lie. When Ketil later reaches the frontline with his men, he is still quite confident that the King’s forces won’t pose much of a challenge as he had more people with him. But Snake knows that his understanding of warfare is quite poor and gives him a last warning that announcing war with Canute will only mean loss. But Ketil is just too blinded by his emotions at this point and refuses to give up. He tells his men to attack, which marks the beginning of the confrontation.

Ketil’s forces march forward using the arrows as cover. The initial attack barely has any effect on Canute’s men as they sit there waiting for the enemies to close the gap. As soon as the two forces engage it becomes quite obvious that Ketil’s men are no match for the King’s forces which comprises of Jomsvikings and Thegn. Thorfinn looks at the battle from a distance and as soon as he is certain that the war has begun, he rushes to the carriage nearby. Leif and Einar are waiting for him there.

It turns out that they have decided to take Arnheid with them even though she was still unconscious at this point. As the carriage moves, Arnheid has a vivid dream of going back to her home with her husband. Interestingly, Gardar tells her to say goodbye to her friends for looking after her- implying that she will soon join her family in the heavens as her death is approaching.

 How Does Thorgill Plan to Kill Canute?

When the war was about to begin, Thorgill and Olmar were missing on the frontline. As Ketil was desperately looking for their sons, they were busy planning a strategy for the battle ahead. Naturally, Olmar has little experience but Thorgill is eager to teach him. When he asks his younger brother what could be their best bet to attack, Olmar argues that the nighttime will give them an advantage. Thorgill disagrees as he explains that only the first-class soldiers could potentially do something like that.

Thorgill then explains that Canute’s forces have their backs against the sea. In such a scenario their field of view is quite extensive and surprise attacks are quite tricky. However, when Ketil sends his men to fight Canute’s forces, he will be completely absorbed in the war in front of him and would never think that he could be attacked from the sea. Thorgill sees this as an opportunity and decides to use it with the help of Olmar. But Olmar is too weak to swim the sea with a sword on his back, so he decides to turn back.

Thorgill eventually reaches the shallow water right between the two ships that carried Canute and his forces to the farm. As he had assumed, Canute is too preoccupied with the battle ahead that he has no security behind him which leaves him open to attacks. It remains to be seen whether this opening will be enough for Thorgill to lend a fatal blow to the King or not. The upcoming episodes are certainly going to be exciting.

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