Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Iron Fist Ketil

In the seventh episode of ‘Vinland Saga’ season 2 titled ‘Iron Fist Ketil,’ Snake learns about a series of petty thefts on the farm in recent days. Meanwhile, Einar and Thorfinn continue to work together as they hope to earn their freedom. Ketil’s son Thorgil finally returns to the farm and learns about Olmar’s plan to go fight on the frontline. When Snake manages to catch the thieves, Ketil is entrusted with the task to choose a punishment for them.

Thorgill Returns to Ketil’s Farm

Snake is informed that a series of thefts have taken place at the farm in recent days. This piece of information disturbs him a little and he decides to find the people behind it so that they can be punished for their crimes. Elsewhere, Einar talks to Arnheid about Sverkel. After learning that he has been helping them so much recently, Arnheid feels that he obviously like Einar and Thorfinn. Unfortunately, their conversation comes to an unexpected halt as Ketil’s wife calls Arnheid. She slaps Arnheid for not cooking breakfast on time and for indulging in unproductive conversation with a fellow slave.

When Einar and Thorfinn return to work that day, they are excited to see the progress they have made. Einar even teaches Thorfinn to pray so that they grow more crops in the coming time with the hope that they can eventually earn their freedom. Ketil’s oldest son, Thorgil finally returns to the farm and learns Olmar has been eager to go to war. Although Ketil hates the idea, Thorgill feels that the experience may change him and bring out the warrior inside of him.

When the family eats together, Thorgil tells Olmar stories about their father’s younger days when he used to beat up enemies with his bare hands. He even reveals that he was called the Iron Fist Ketil back in the day. Meanwhile, Snake has gotten hold of the two thieves responsible for the petty crimes on the farm in recent days. It turns out that the culprits are just kids the oldest of whom is just twelve years old.

How Does Ketil Punish Sture and Thora? Is the Iron Fist Ketil Story Real?

After Ketil is asked to punish the two thieves, he goes to finally meet them. But before he could think of what to do, he asks them their names. The boy introduces himself as Sture and says that his younger sister’s name is Thora. Snake then reveals that the two of them live alongside their sick mother and a baby. When Sture is asked about his father, he tells Ketil and his men that his name is Snorri and he hasn’t returned home for the last year ever since he went out to sell vegetables. Thorgil feels that his father must be dead since he has not been around for so long. The suggestion naturally infuriates Sture, who protests against the suggestion.

Ketil feels sorry for the two of them since they have a sick mother and a baby to support. It is obvious that their desperate situation has made them take drastic steps. Although he feels sympathetic towards them, he can’t afford to reveal his true emotions. Snake then reveals that the siblings have confessed to stealing flour. When Ketil tries to learn how he managed to get the confession out of them, he can is able to make him concede that he threatened them. Unfortunately, Ketil still does not have any solid reason not to punish them. Thorgil suggests that they cut off both of Sture’s arms. Ketil knows it’s too much and just when he feels that he needs someone’s help to de-escalate the situation, Pater intervenes.

Pater also feels that the punishment is too just for theft. Instead of doing that, he argues that Ketil should give the Sture and his family some work on his farm so that they can repay their loans and the price of everything they stole from him. Ketil seems to agree with the idea, but then Pater also mentions that they should get a beating for their crime. Although Ketil wants to protect the two of them, he cannot really do much. Snake takes a big stick and asks Ketil how many times should the siblings be hit.

Ketil musters all his courage and says ten following which Sture asks to be hit twenty times so that his sister can be spared. Thorgil likes his courageous nature and takes the stick from Snake and hits him so hard that he flies off a few meters away. Ketil cannot allow himself to just watch the atrocity take place right in front of him and decides that it will be much better if he punishes the boy himself. Later that night, he confesses to Arnheid that the story about him going to war and beating enemies with his bare hands is not true at all. He also reveals that he is afraid of his own son and detests violence. Arnheid reassures Ketil that it is okay to be kind and it is subtly implied that she is his mistress.

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