Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Review

Humans are nothing if not resilient. But a fresh start never hurt anybody trying to move on from a traumatic situation. Netflix has kept this rationale in mind with the drama series ‘Virgin River,’ which revolves around Melinda “Mel” Monroe, a nurse practitioner who relocates to the eponymous small town after her husband’s death. Season 1 shows the many trials and tribulations that Mel faces while adjusting to her new life. Fortunately, she makes some meaningful relationships, and in season 2, they are picked through with a finer comb. Here’s what goes down in season 2 episode 2!

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

The deranged and bruised man who breaks into Doc’s office is actually looking for drugs. He even holds Mel at knifepoint but runs away after Jack approaches him. However, in the process, Mel hurts her ankle. So Jack takes her home and cares for her. Paige (who went by Michelle before moving to Virgin River), unfortunately, becomes the victim of physical abuse at the hands of Wes, who wants her to pack their bags. He states that they’ll finish talking on their way back to Florida.

Moreover, he tells her not to do anything “stupid” like running away because he won’t be so nice to her the next time around. Charmaine apologizes to Mel for her behavior the next day at Doc’s. Moreover, since the hairdresser’s symptoms are not improving, it is ultimately decided that Charmaine will move in with Hope until she recovers. While helping her move in, Jack talks to the mayor and lets her know that although he is no longer pissed at her, he doesn’t want her to interfere in his personal life anymore.

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 Ending

During an altercation, Paige pushes Wes down the stairs, accidentally killing him. Naturally, she is just a big bundle of nerves as she asks Preacher to come over and help. She explains what had happened and asks him to take care of Christopher since she plans on turning herself in. However, Preacher talks her out of it and asks her to go off the grid completely, ensuring that he will take care of everything else. On the other hand, Jack implores Mike to ask around about the incident with the addict.

Mel goes to the bar to clear the air with Jack. She apologizes for her absence and the lack of communication, and he accepts it. But Mel also makes it clear that she is not ready for a relationship. She has already lost one man important to her, and if she lets Jack into her life in a romantic capacity, he’ll only become another person she stands to lose. She doesn’t have the strength to take a chance right now. Then, she goes back to her car, but it won’t crank. Mel is frustrated and starts crying, but Jack comes and comforts her.

Jack drops Mel home; one thing leads to another, and they end up spending the night together. The climax becomes imperative if we want to understand what is going on with Mel. She does not want to ruin the possibility of a family for Jack. This is why she is constantly fighting her feelings and wants to do right by both Charmaine and him. Furthermore, even though a part of her longs to be with the veteran, Mel is deathly afraid of losing another man she loves. In an attempt to not get hurt, she is denying herself any form of romantic happiness.

Plus, the pregnancy has really complicated things. Charmaine and Jack are becoming parents, whereas Mel lost not only her kid but also her husband one after the other. So although she is doing her duty by helping Charmaine out, it is a constant reminder of what she cannot have. Instead, it is a reminder of the life Mel could have had if things had worked out. Moreover, she still feels guilt and grief as far as Mark is concerned. Consequently, we doubt that Mel is going to be ready for a new relationship anytime soon.

Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 Review 

While Paige goes through a traumatic time, the series wraps it up in just two episodes. This is highly ungratifying and feels rushed. Sure, there may be a whole arc in the future where Preacher may have to deal with the fallout from the incident. But there is still so much that could have been explored when it comes to the narrative that Wes’ death feels a little too convenient.

However, apart from this, we have no qualms about the episode. While the plot is mostly predictable, the story does move along at a decent pace. The constant back and forth between Mel and Jack can, at times, feel a bit forced. But we accept that it also helps us understand why Mel is feeling so conflicted. We’re finally learning more about her inner demons. The writers did not simply resort to silence to make the situation seem ominous. It is invaluable since we get to see Mel come to terms with her own reality.

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