Walker Posey: Everything We Know

Walker Posey

In Fox’s new dating series ‘Labor of Love,’ Kristy Katzmann aims to find a potential romantic partner. She has to choose from 15 contestants who hail from different walks of life but are united by one goal – to prove that they’re capable of taking up the responsibility of becoming a father to Kristy’s future child. Walker Posey is one of the bachelors on the show. Now, you must be wondering about who he is, and does he have what it takes to win? Well, let’s find out!

Walker Posey: Where is he From?


Walker is from North Augusta, which is located in Aiken and Edgefield counties of South Carolina. He grew up in nature’s lap, surrounded by an expanse of clear sky and the calmness of the Savannah River. Walker stays with his parents at their family home. He always looks forward to the time when the entire family gets together during the holidays. He wishes to have a relationship as authentic as his parents,’ who are madly in love with each other even after so many years of marriage.


Walker is definitely the coolest uncle in the family as all his niece and nephews love to spend time with him, and he treasures the bond.


Walker Posey: Age and Profession

The 41-year-old holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He is a funeral director by profession and offers memorial services through his company of over 16 years, named Posey Funeral Directors. His job demands him to travel around the globe to supervise and manage funeral services. Here’s a picture of his workcation in Sweden.


Apart from that, Walker is the Vice President of Development at Aurae Lifestyle since February 2017.


He also serves as a consultant in The Augusta Management Group, where he guides players and other corporate partners in making lucrative business decisions. When he isn’t undertaking a burial, Walker loves to devote his time to playing golf and is often seen practicing at different golf grounds.


Despite traveling most time of the year, Walker makes sure to allot some time to focus on keeping his body fit and healthy. He has a fitness coach, David Stagnitta, who is always on the move with Walker to keep him motivated and regulated.


Walker Posey Prediction: How Far Will He Go?

After investing so many years in building and maintaining his flourishing business, Walker feels now is the right time for him to settle down and start his own family. He has waited so long to check things off his bucket list, but now he has got the opportunity to have a partner to complete it with. Walker has set his ocean eyes on Kristy and will put out all stops to prove that he is worthy enough to be his future husband.

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