WandaVision Ending, Explained

We have finally reached the culmination of ‘WandaVision,’ with a breathtaking depiction of Wanda’s true form. The endless speculations and theories have finally been put to rest, and we have a concrete narrative to follow further. Wanda embraces her guilt, and it will be a farfetched thought to brandish Agatha as the villain. She definitely has her schemes in place but, at the same time, helps Wanda navigate through her own trauma.

Certain new characters are on the horizon as the fourth phase of the MCU rolls ahead with the grand narrative. Vision is accorded the opportunity to understand his true self and express his love for Wanda. In essence, ‘WandaVision’ is a tale of love centering on two star-crossed lovers destined to be separated. Filled with some poignant moments, this series couldn’t have been a better introduction to the new developments of the MCU. Let us unravel the details of the narrative. SPOILERS AHEAD.

WandaVision Finale Recap

Agatha Harkness holds the twins hostage, and the ensuing attack by Wanda allows them to escape. It seems that Agatha is willing to take on Wanda’s power to fulfill her own ulterior motives. The grand old witch “takes power from the undeserving,” and Wanda’s every attack on Agatha weakens the avenger. White Vision — the sinister machination of Hayward — arrives inside Westview. Buoyed with a new appearance, the synthezoid attacks Wanda.

Meanwhile, the Vision from Westview’s reality comes to Wanda’s aid and engages White Vision in a duel. On the other hand, Agatha seems to pull the strings and creates desperate conditions for Wanda. Monica Rambeau is apprehended by the impostor Pietro and isn’t allowed to leave the premises of his house. Hayward reveals his plan to eliminate Wanda and captures Jimmy Woo for his apparent indiscretion. Woo manages to break free of the bond and informs the FBI about Hayward’s ruse.

Wanda is in pursuit of Agatha, who unveils a grimoire called the Darkhold. The book has a chapter dedicated to the Scarlet Witch, supposedly more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme. Agatha brings back the memories of the townspeople, whose plight forces Wanda to break the Hex. However, breaking the reality would mean the destruction of Vision and her twins. Pietro is revealed to be Ralph Bohner, a resident of Westview who was being controlled by Agatha.

As the Hex breaks open in parts, S.W.O.R.D agents enter through it. Facing a multi-pronged attack, Vision, Wanda, and her twins decide to fight together. Monica and Darcy join the Maximoff family in their own capacities. White Vision’s suppressed memories are released, and he changes his attacking disposition. Agatha and Wanda’s final confrontation reaches its peak as the Scarlet Witch’s true powers are revealed. The end, however, is a pensive moment that helps Wanda come to terms with her grief and pain.

WandaVision Finale Ending: Why Does Wanda Break the Hex?

Agatha brings back the memories of the townspeople, which exposes their pain. She reveals that the Scarlet Witch is an individual entity who is destined to create havoc. Wanda is caught in a conundrum — if she breaks the Hex, the townspeople will be back in their normal lives, but at the same time, it will dismantle the presence of Vision and her twins. She breaks it initially but restructures it back. Wanda duels with Agatha but seems to lose her powers to the old witch.

Agatha’s manipulation seems to work in her favor, but Wanda realizes the folly of her creation and ultimately decides to break it down. However, she turns Agatha back into the character of the nosy neighbor, Agnes. Wanda understands that she might need Agatha’s help in the future and thus does not eliminate her. In the end, Wanda and Vision bid goodbye to each other — a sequence that is perhaps the most heartfelt moment in the series.

Vision makes it clear that they can’t be together in such a conditional existence and have to part ways for the greater good. This indicates the humanistic aspect of the sentient android, who understands emotions like his human counterparts. Wanda says that Vision is the manifestation of the part of the mind stone that enhanced her powers in the past. Hence, she was able to conjure Vision’s body out of thin air. Wanda finally comes to terms with the reality and decides to break the Hex once and for all. She wades through her deep trauma and accepts her fate as the Scarlet Witch.

The Powers of the Scarlet Witch

The grimoire that we saw in Agatha’s basement turns out to be Darkhold, an ancient book of magic that the Elder God Chthon had written. Agatha mentions that the Scarlet Witch is created, and this might indicate the storyline where Chthon imbues his power of Chaos Magic to Wanda Maximoff. Moreover, she is purported to be more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. This clearly sets up Wanda’s presence in the future exploits of Doctor Strange.

Wanda is able to take down Agatha by casting her own runes. It is unclear how Wanda can create the runes since, by her own admittance, she was not trained in magic. It perhaps indicates the innate powers of the Scarlet Witch, who can alter the fabric of reality. Agatha’s incursion into Wanda’s life turns against her as Wanda finally embraces the Scarlet Witch’s persona and defeats her. The extent of her powers also affects Monica Rambeau — Monica’s repeated entry into the Hex has somehow given her superpowers. In the post-credit scene, a Skrull operative calls Monica to an isolated theater and tells her that “he” is waiting for her. Perhaps, this might be an indication of Nick Fury’s presence.

How Does Vision Change White Vision’s Disposition?

White Vision is the synthezoid body that was pieced back together by Hayward. He deliberately erased the memories of Vision’s previous encounters to manipulate him as a weapon. White Vision is programmed to terminate Wanda’s creation. The Vision of Westview has to face his alter-ego and mentions that his own presence as the true Vision is highly conditional. He uses the Ship of Theseus’ exposition, wherein if a ship is rebuilt with different pieces of wood, it ceases to be the same ship anymore. Or does it remain the same ship? In this case, the ship is likened to Vision’s old and new bodies.

Both the Vision are manifestations of memories, the only difference being that White Vision’s past is hidden from his cognition. Vision taps into the fact efficiently and gives his nemesis a purpose other than the one he is programmed for. Essentially, Vision stops his adversary’s assault without the use of brute force. His understanding of the human world’s inner workings has changed drastically, helping him protect his family. In the end, Wanda acknowledges that Vision is memories made real.

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