Warriors of Future Ending And Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

Directed by Yuen Fai Ng, Netflix’s ‘Warriors of Future’ is a Hong Kong sci-fi action thriller film. Set in the year 2055, the story revolves around an alien plant called Pandora. When a meteorite strikes a region called B16, a giant plant starts proliferating and devouring anything and everything in its vicinity. However, the plant also purifies the atmosphere and positively impacts the planet.

Tyler and his soldiers are tasked with stopping the plant’s growth while still allowing it to purify the air. But the mission goes downhill, and Tyler loses most of his soldiers. As the survivors try to accomplish their goal, a bigger conspiracy unravels. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Warriors of Future.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Warriors of Future Plot Synopsis

The film begins with Tyler’s voice-over explaining how humans live in a post-apocalyptic world. The rapid evolution of technologies led to various crises, such as wars, famine, and an atmosphere filled with toxins. Major General Sean Li builds Skynet over cities to purify the air within these massive dome-like structures. When the meteor hits Earth and Pandora starts growing, the HQ sends Colonel Tam with a possible solution. Tam and Dr. Chang Chung Chong walk Sean Li and Commander Johnson Cheng through the plan. The doctor possesses a gene bullet that comprises a virus, P7N9. The virus must be dropped into Pandora’s Pistil for the plant to hibernate. With this, the plant will stop growing but will continue to purify the atmosphere.

Colonel Tam also suggests plan B, which involves bombing the area and killing the plant. But the catch is that 160,000 people in the B16 district will die too. Sean Li is against the idea because he has spent a lot of time, money, and resources building the Skynet and doesn’t want to stop anytime soon. However, the Colonel reminds him to follow the HQ’s order. When Tyler and his team listen to the plan, Tyler speaks against it because of how dangerous the mission is. Nevertheless, Tyler sets out on the mission because it can give humanity a new chance at life. Several mishaps occur when the Air Command Unit tries to execute the plan.

First, two aircrafts, known as skyfishers, are unable to communicate with each other during a critical situation. Second, Pandora starts growing and knocks out two skyfishers, and the soldiers in them die. Third, an Orca, one of the larger ships, mysteriously explodes. Only Tyler, Connor, and another soldier survive, but their skyfisher is wrecked, and they have no way of contacting the team. So, Johnson, an ex-soldier, Taron Yau, goes to rescue Tyler while Tyler and the survivors find a way to fix their injuries, get the gene bullet, and inject it into the pistil. As the narrative progresses, we realize the aircraft mishaps weren’t coincidental. Now, the mission’s success and humanity’s second chance are at stake. Will Tyler be able to plant the gene bullet in Pandora’s pistil? Well, let’s find out.

Warriors of Future Ending: Does Tyler Plant the Gene Bullet in Pandora’s Pistil?

Tyler and his team reach the pistil together, and Commander Johnson plants the gene bullet in Pandora’s pistil, thus neutralizing its growth. However, they face numerous challenges to succeed at their mission, which begin after Tyler’s skyfisher crashes. Tyler, Connor, and Lincoln go to a hospital to fix Lincoln’s injury but encounter unknown creatures who devour human flesh. Meanwhile, Commander Johnson decides to go to the site and, along the way, meets a former friend and soldier, Taron Yau. The two reach the hospital just in time to save Tyler and Connor, but Lincoln gets killed by the creature.

The newly formed team establishes contact with the base. Colonel Tam directs the team to the wrecked aircraft with the gene bullet. She also instructs Lucy at the base to find out why one of the Orcas exploded and why the skyfishers lost signal. Lucy asks her boyfriend Connor to retrieve the head of a robot that was present in the Orca to understand what happened. Tyler retrieves the gene bullet, and Connor finds the robot’s head but also spots a grenade pin next to the robot.

Soon, the team discovers that Sean Li is responsible for the blast and the signal loss. He instructed a robot to remove the grenade pin and used another machine called Timora to jam all the signals in the area. When Johnson and Tyler confront Sean Li over the phone, Sean Li doesn’t back down. Instead, he instructs three robots and two machines called Enigma and Timora to kill the entire team. Sean also disables communication between the base and the team. The team gears up for the fight ahead and valiantly faces all opponents. They take down the machines one by one but find it incredibly difficult to fight Timora.

Somehow Tyler and Taron Yau manage to bring down Timora and disable its signal jammer. Meanwhile, Connor creates a hole in the ground for the team to get inside Pandora’s pistil. When Commander Johnson enters the pistil, he realizes that the unknown creatures have come out of this place. He throws the gene bullet inside the pistil, which explodes, releases the virus, and stops Pandora’s growth.

From the beginning, we get hints that Tyler and his team will be able to pull off this job. One of the recurring dialogues in the movie is, “We write the ending of our own stories.” The line indicates that Tyler and Johnson were always meant to succeed at their mission which is precisely what happens. At one point, when Tyler thinks that Johnson is dead, the latter comes back and saves the day. It only shows how determined everyone on the team was to accomplish the mission. In the end, Tyler repeats the same dialogue, emphasizing that the team has achieved what they wanted.

Does Major Sean Li Die?

Yes, Major General Sean Li dies after shooting himself with a gun. After Johnson and the team learn about Sean Li’s actions, Colonel Tam finds out too. Sean Li decides to disrupt the mission because if it is successful, the air quality will improve, and nobody will require Skynet. So, until the end, he does everything he can to ensure the team fails at the mission. Even after Colonel confronts Sean with the information, he seems unfazed because the task is close to dying. But Johnson and his crew manage to pull off a suicide mission and make it out alive.

So, Sean Li kills himself, and there are two significant reasons behind this. Sean is an arrogant man who believes Skynet is the future, and nobody can change that. He even tells Johnson, “Skynet is me, and I am Skynet.” When Johnson successfully plants the gene bullet, Sean Li’s ego and arrogance are crushed. Besides this, everyone knows about his actions, so he will soon get arrested. The arrest would mean facing the public, and the team, which would be more humiliating for the man. So, to avoid going through all this, Sean Li kills himself. To him, it is better to die than to become a disgrace in people’s eyes.

Are Tyler and Johnson Going to the Moon?

Tyler and Johnson are most likely going to the moon in a spaceship. In the mid-credits scene, we see the two men inside an aircraft, but this time both are wearing suits and helmets that astronauts usually wear. Johnson briefs Tyler on the mission and says they will only observe the signal and its source. They are not going to engage with it in any manner. The mission is strictly for collecting information and nothing more.

After this, the aircraft starts shaking, but after flying for a few seconds, the turbulence stops. We see Tyler and Johnson’s spaceship move toward the moon, and the movie ends. Considering the movie’s genre, there’s a chance that Tyler and Johnson are going to find signs of alien life on the moon or check some base station on the natural satellite, which might unfold into a whole new adventure.

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