Was Elize Matsunaga an Escort? How Did She Meet Marcos Matsunaga?

Netflix’s ‘Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime’ is a four-part documentary show that explores the infamous homicide of a Brazil-based business heir, Marcos Matsunaga, along with its baffling aftermath. At the age of 42, the wealthy executive was shot and dismembered in his São Paulo penthouse by his wife, Elize Matsunaga. She subsequently asserted that he’d left her after being confronted for having a mistress and pretended to be a victim, being well aware that he would never return. While this seems particularly extraordinary, we’ll be honest; their romance was unconventional from the very beginning.

Was Elize Matsunaga an Escort? How Did She Meet Marcos Matsunaga?

Hailing from a small town known as Chopinzinho, Paraná, Elize Matsunaga relocated to São Paulo without knowing the city or anyone in it to create a better life for herself. She was a trained surgical nurse for a while, but she later decided to pursue law as a profession. Lacking funds for the needed higher education, Elize couldn’t afford to indulge in shame or pride, so she began working as a luxury escort. Billing herself as Kelly, a kind and petite blonde who enjoys having fun, she signed up on the M Class website, and that’s how she met Marcos.

Although married with a young daughter at that time, Marcos often visited and availed the services of such online sites. Therefore, when Elize struck his desire, he hired her. They arranged to meet up at a local motel near his office and ended up talking for a while. This situation led to them planning a few more meets, which eventually turned into a long-term affair. Marcos gave Elize a “princess life” by being chivalrous: pulling out chairs, opening doors, and taking her across the world. From experiences to salvation, he initially offered her everything.

For three years before Marcos’ divorce was granted, the couple even lived together. Yet, Elize originally had independence as she was paying for her own tuition and expenses. However, being in love made her quit her job as an escort soon after Marcos asked her to so that they could be exclusive. The couple mutually decided that she’ll take down her account if he stops hiring as well, and that seemed to work perfectly for a while. Except, soon after the pair tied the knot, the infidelities commenced. After catching him the first time and closing the chapter, whenever Elize expressed concerns later, Marcos called her crazy.

The Matsunagas’ arguments soon spiraled out of control, and as per Elize, he started insulting her by bringing up her experience as a prostitute. Not only that, but she claims that he accused her of creating tales, threatened to have her admitted into a mental facility, and said that he’d take custody of their daughter if she leaves. But it all came to an end in May 2012, once a private investigator confirmed all of Elize’s suspicions and unveiled that he had a mistress, another escort. Marcos was allegedly treating Elize the same way he’d treated his first wife. And so, due to a fit of abrupt emotions, he suddenly lost his life.

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