Who Was Jessey Lee’s Ex-Wife Crystal? How Did Jessey and Cherie Meet?

While ‘Bling Empire‘ may seem like just another celebration of sheer wealth, lavish Los Angeles estates, and catty drama, the truth is that its Asian and Asian American cast gives us much more. From cultural festivities to different traditions to pure East Asian values, every aspect is actually accentuated within this Netflix original in an alluring as well as refreshing manner. That’s why there have been a lot of conversations concerning Jessey Lee and Cherie Chan’s unconventional relationship, especially in season 2. So now, let’s find out more about the same, shall we?

Was Jessey Lee Really Married Before?

Jessey Lee had gladly tied the knot with a woman called Crystal (whose full name we won’t reveal due to privacy reasons) back in June 2011, but it came crashing down nearly four years later. It didn’t matter that they’d welcomed two beautiful daughters into their lives by that point because they just couldn’t move forward with one another anymore, and it soon turned messy. Jessey filed for divorce first, only to have a counterpetition requested by her shortly thereafter, resulting in a bench trial in Texas in 2016 to help them reach a fair settlement for the life they’d built.

However, from what we can tell, the court proceedings for Jessey and Crystal’s tumultuous legal separation lasted well into the summer of 2019, owing to an appeal filed by the former. This honestly could be one of the reasons he once hesitated in moving forward with Cherie Chan despite having fathered two adorable kids with her — daughter Jadore (2017) and son Javon (2019).

However, Cherie managed to turn things around by proposing to him during Javon’s 100-day birthday party (while ‘Bling Empire’ season 1 was being filmed), admitting that they’d been together for around five years. Jessey understandably got emotional but happily said, “Yes!”

When Did Jessey and Cherie Get Together?

The sophomore installment of the Netflix series heavily implies an overlap between the time Jessey and Cherie first began their association and his marriage, but that’s allegedly not the case. “I met Jessey in Vegas when I was visiting with some mutual friends…,” the singer told Brides Magazine in February 2022. “We didn’t talk to each other at all, but knew of each other through those friends. After his divorce, he reached out to me half a year later. We reconnected when he was visiting L.A. from Dallas and asked me about a restaurant recommendation… and he ended up inviting me to a Rolls Royce event with him.”

Jessey added, “We ended up driving back to [my] hotel and talking in the lobby, talking until at least 4 am. She finally told me that she had to go home, and the funny part is that after she got home, we continued to talk on the phone. I actually went in for a kiss in the lobby, and she dodged me.” Cherie claimed she only saw him as a friend at that moment, yet as their conversations continued, she began falling for who Jessey is as a person. Talking about Jessey, Cherie noted, “He’s so kindhearted. He’s very giving, and not that many people know that about him.”

“For her to stand by my side and accept things… It’s easy to love somebody when everything is good. But the divorce was maybe the lowest part of my life,” Jessey conceded, revealing that his now-wife has been his rock through everything. As for why the couple wasn’t a part of ‘Bling Empire’ season 2 as main cast members, it supposedly had little to do with their friends learning about their past or the gossip around it. “We just thought it was time for us to move on and focus on our family, our businesses,” Cherie told E! News’ Daily Pop.

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