Welcome to Demon School Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Toto the Genie

In the eleventh episode of ‘Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun’ season 3 titled ‘Toto the Genie,’ Alocer And Jazz explain to Ameri and others the real story behind them forfeiting the Harvest Festival despite being top contenders to win this year. Meanwhile, Iruma and Lied decide to go different ways in search of the seed of the beginnings and the vase of endings. During his journey, the titular protagonist meets an unexpected ally and also comes very close to achieving his goal.

Iruma and Lied Look For the Seed of the Beginnings

After Ameri finds out that two students are the main culprits behind the entire betting fiasco, she wastes no time confronting them. However, she is shocked to learn that the duo is none other than Alocer And Jazz, who were top contenders to win the Harvest Festival this year. When she tries to learn the reason behind their decision to forfeit, Jazz does not mind telling her and the other students there the embarrassing story.

Working hard from day one of the competition, Alocer and Jazz has managed to gain 12,800 points. This meant that both of them stood at 6,400 points each which was a great start. But the duo was hungry for more and desperately wanted to gain more points. While talking about General Furfur, Jazz recalls how he is so much similar to his elder brother Andro M. Rock. He confesses that his worst nightmare will be confronting him in the Harvest Festival.

Unfortunately, this fear turns out to be a harsh reality when Andro M. Rock suddenly shows up right in front of him. To make matters worse, Rock starts increasing in numbers as if he had many twin siblings. At this point, Jazz feels that he is probably under the influence of some plant and is therefore delusional. However, he can barely control his actions and in fear ends up trying to kick his elder brother.

It turns out that the Rock Jazz was seeing was actually just an illusion created by Orobas Coco’s bloodline technique called Trauma. By doing this, he managed to make Jazz use force against another student and then had no option but to forfeit the Harvest Festival because of violating one of the sacred rules. But there is a twist to the tale, it turns out that Orobas is actually targeting Misfit students specifically. In the meantime, Iruma and Lied decide to part ways in search of the seed of the beginnings and the vase of endings.

Who is Toto the Genie? Does Iruma Obtain the Seed of Beginnings?

While looking for the seed of the beginnings using the clues given to him by magical beasts, Iruma eventually stumbles upon a first-year student named Naphula. Unfortunately, she was caught up in a trap of the nigi nigi greens following which she could not move or free herself. Despite feeling that Naphula was also probably looking for the seed of the beginnings, Iruma helps her. As he continues his journey through the difficult underground terrain that he has entered, Naphula continues to follow him. Eventually, Iruma finds the seed of beginnings but just when he grabs it, a huge arm tries to get a hold of him and Naphula.

It turns out that the arm belongs to a genie named Toto, who protects the seed of beginnings. He tells Iruma that if he wishes to take the seed with him then he only has two options. He can either defeat the genie and take it by force or he can tell him something that moves his heart and makes him smile or impresses him. Iruma naturally is not in the favor of fighting the intimidating genie so he starts thinking of something interesting to tell Toto. Unfortunately, Toto has a vast knowledge of the netherworld and there is no story or joke that he has not heard. Therefore, at one point it seems almost impossible for Iruma to tell the genie anything that would amuse him or move his heart.

However, he suddenly recalls a fable from the human world known as the First Love Memories. As soon as he gets the confirmation that Toto has never heard of it, Iruma with Ali-san and Naphula’s help enacts the entire story for him. The visual representation of the touching fable moves Todo to tears and some scenes excite him. By the time Iruma is done telling the story, Todo is impressed enough to give him the seed of the beginnings. When he learns that there is more to the fable, the genie even exchanges phone numbers with the titular protagonist to learn what happens next.

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