Welcome to Demon School Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: The End of the Harvest Festival

In the sixteenth episode of ‘Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun’ season 3 titled ‘The End of the Harvest Festival,’ Asmodeus gets disqualified after he attacks Orobas Coco. Meanwhile, Iruma and Lied are about to embark on their quest to take back the Vase of Ending when they get a surprise. Crocell and her army of magical beasts fail to infiltrate Agares’ castle but she learns that her companions are willing to make a surprising sacrifice for her.

Asmodeus Gets Disqualified

Just when Orobas Coco approaches his friends, Asmodues attacks him using fire. This goes against the competition rules and he gets eliminated on the spot. Orobas wakes up laughing at Asmodues but does not realize that his enemy has stopped caring about consequences altogether. He proceeds to attack Orobas one more time following which he gets knocked out. Before Asmodues returns to the forfeiters’ tent, he has a brief conversation with Iruma and Clara.

The three friends are excited that they finally got to reunite after a long time. Since they have been training before the festival began, Clara, Iruma, and Asmodeus did not find time to talk to each other. As Asmodeus is informed that he must immediately return to the tent, he tells his friends that they will get together and celebrate after the Harvest festival is over. So, on the fourth and the last day of the competition, Asmodeus who was expected to win the Harvest Festival returned to the tent.

When Iruma and Lied turned their attention to Orobas, they were shocked to realize that their competitor has somehow run away. It turns out that Ocho had surreptitiously come to his assistance and taken his partner out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, at this point, Orobas is injured to the extent that he can no longer continue participating in the festival to gather more points. But that’s when Ocho reveals a secret. Ocho shows him all the secret items that he has gathered over the last few days. He reveals that each of them is as valuable as a boss class ingredient, which means they have a lot of points already.

But they also count Vase of Ending in their total which they had supposedly submitted. But it turns out that Allocer has disguised himself to get his hands on the Vase of Ending. He had also told Asmodeus that Orobas is going to go after Iruma, who eventually come to his friends’ defense as soon as possible. All of his efforts now put Iruma and Lied at a huge advantage. Now that his plans have worked as he had expected, Asomdeus returns the Vase of Ending to Lied and Iruma.

How Many Points Do Misfit Students Have at the End of Harvest Festival? Who Wins the Harvest Festival?

While Allocer hands over the Vase of Ending to Iruma and Lied-kun, the Dorodoro brothers and Sabnock Sabro continue to look for ways to gather more points. Interestingly, they believe that they have already collected enough points to win the game. When asked about Asmodeus, Sabnock tells the Dorodoro brothers that he has followed his heart and he too is going to do the same thing with or without him. But just moments after saying this, he falls to the ground.

It turns out that he has pushed himself to exhaustion and is now fast asleep with 45,500 points to his name. Meanwhile, Androalphus Ichiro and Niro have 37,100 points each. Elsewhere, Crocell is informed by one of the magical beasts working for her that they have failed to breach Agares’s castle. This means that they can no longer collect enough points to win the Harvest Festival and Crocell accepts defeat.

Interestingly, the magical beasts offer to help her win by offering to get exchanged for points but she refuses to do that and ends up with 36,800 points while Caim and Elizabetta have 22,500 and 20,700 points respectively. Meanwhile, people in Agares’s castle start celebrating their win by distributing food. In order to thank Agares and Garp for their kindness, they even give away all of their points to the duo.

The two of them eventually gather 32,300 points each. Since Allocer has given away the Vase of Ending despite fooling Orobas Coco, he returns to the tent with 12,800 points. In the last moments of the festival, Iruma, and Lied-kun decide to make the Legend Lead bloom. If they manage to do it, then the duo will easily end up winning the Harvest Festival.

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