Welcome to Demon School Season 3 Episode 17 Recap: Legend Leaf

In the seventeenth episode of ‘Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun’ season 3 titled ‘Legend Leaf,’ Lied and Iruma-kun tries to blossom the Legend Leaf with the Harvest Festival on the verge of its end. Although they soon figure out the method to do it, the duo realizes that they are running low on mana and need a fresh source. Luckily, Clara has been playing with magical beasts for the last few days and has absorbed a lot of mana in the process. Iruma uses her mana and successfully manages to get his hand on the Legend Leaf. But when the winner of the Harvest Festival is officially announced, the spectators are left dumbfounded.

Lied and Iruma Try to Use the Legend Leaf

As the Harvest Festival enters its final hour, Iruma and Lied-kun put the Vase of Ending and Seed of Beginning together with the hope that the Lead Leaf will blossom on its own. But it turns out that they need to do more than that to get their hands on the special ingredient that is worth 100,000 points. Lied-kun suddenly recalls that their teacher Stolas Suzie not only oversaw the Harvest Festival but also created the magical forest in which the competition is held.

Lied-kun recalls her first class in which she had taught the misfit students to make a flower bloom using the Quan Quan spell. Although he uses the same method, Lied fails to bloom the Legend Leaf. All of a sudden, Naphula pours some water into the Vase of Ending following which it starts glowing for some reason. Then Lied and Iruma-kun use the Quan Quan spell to make the Legend Leaf but the seed does not bloom for some reason.

It turns out that the duo is low on mana and they need to borrow it from someone. Luckily, Clara played with the magical beasts during the Harvest Festival because of which she gained a lot of mana. When Iruma asks her to hold his hand so that he can absorb some mana too, she immediately comes to his assistance following which the Legend Leaf finally blossoms. Luckily, just a few moments later, it is officially announced that the Harvest Festival is now over.

Who Wins the Harvest Festival?

With the winner of the Harvest Festival about to be announced, the students gather to get to see the Young King being crowned. Since Iruma and Lied-kun managed to get the Legend Lead, most people feel that they are more or less aware of what the official scoreboard will look like. However, when the calculations are finally completed and the scoreboard is revealed, everyone is shocked to see Orobas Coco with 58,000 points at the top.

Since Iruma and Lied-kun have only gathered the Legend leaf and the total points were equally distributed between them, they only have 50,000 points each. This means Orobas Coco is the new Young King. But as he walks up to the stage for his official crowning, Jazz suddenly points out that there is a calculation error since the 20,000 points of the Vase of Ending were never taken into account. When the scores are readjusted, Iruma and Lied-kun end up with 60,000 points each and are declared the official winners of the Harvest Festival and the new Young Kings.

Why Does Orobas Coco Apologize to Iruma?

After Iruma and Lied-kun are announced as the winners of the Harvest Festival, Orobas Coco realizes that he is ranked third in the competition. But to his surprise, he feels quite refreshed. He looks at the misfit class and comes to terms with the fact that he was obsessed with them because he has envied and resented them. In a strange way, Orobas also feels that he admires these rivals and recognized them as absurd but amazing demons. Therefore, keeping all the rivalry aside, he goes to Iruma and Lied-kun to congratulate them on the victory.

Orobas then goes on to apologize to them for losing touch with himself and his principles because of his obsession to win. His heartfelt apology is immediately accepted by Iruma who praises him for his competitive nature. Lied mentions that Orobas never really broke any rules so he is fine. Iruma even talks positively about Orobas’s illusion magic while other students slowly gather around him to congratulate him for his incredible performance.

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