Welcome to Demon School Season 3 Finale Recap: Words for My Friends

In the twenty-second episode of ‘Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun’ season 3 titled ‘Words for My Friends,’ Sullivan invites Bachiko to his mansion for a dinner and reveals Iruma’s secret to her. Meanwhile, the titular protagonist spends some time at Asmodeus’ house and suddenly feels conflicted. Although he wants to tell them that he is a demon, Iruma is unsure whether they will remain with him afterward and even fears the possibility that they will give in to their demonic instincts to attack him.

Iruma Visits Asmodeus’ House

Bachiko visits Sullivan’s mansion after the latter invites her for a dinner there. Sullivan thanks her for tutoring Iruma and expresses his gratitude for her help. He then requests her to continue teaching his grandson and even compares her to the Thirteen Crown. Bachiko naturally accepts the offer to continue being Iruma’s tutor. But then the two of them discuss the strange and inexplicable disappearance of demons in recent times. It seems that Sullivan fears that things may get worse from here.

But Sullivan is not done yet and even goes as far as revealing that Iruma is actually a human. Bachiko is shocked to learn the truth but feels that the confession does explain a lot of things. Clueless about all this, Iruma walks into the hall while she observes him quietly. Bachiko then feels that the fact that Iruma is a human does not really make a lot of difference to her personally. Later that day, Clara visits Sullivan’s mansion after which she and Iruma head to Asmodeus’ house.

Asmodeus is happy to see his friends and welcomes them with open arms. Clara immediately shows her mischievous side and starts pulling childish pranks. Iruma worries that Asmodeus may get angry but he deals with the situation quite maturely. He simply makes fun of Clara for not achieving rank Daleth after which she loses her cool and gets quite angry. But the situation calms down soon afterward as the three friends play video games together.

Does Iruma Tell Clara and Asmodeus That He is Human?

While Clara and Asmodeus are busy playing video games, Iruma leaves the room for a few moments. He really appreciates the fact that he met the two of them and seems to be really grateful for their friendship. However, he is bothered by the fact that he is not completely honest with them. Clara and Asmodeus do not know that he is actually a human. Iruma contemplates telling them the truth but is concerned that he may lose their friendship. He also feels that there is a chance that the two of them may give in to their demonic instincts and may even hurt him. So even though Iruma desired to be honest with his friends, he does not really have much of an option. Just when he is lost in his thoughts, Asmodeus’ mother comes from behind and tries to spook him.

Their conversation soon turns towards the secret that Iruma wants to tell his friends but is unsure about the larger implications of that decision. Asmodeus’ mother talks to him about the problem and tells the titular protagonist that he must take into account the fact he is not obligated to tell them everything. Her advice gives Iruma a new clarity and then he feels a lot more relaxed. Later that day, he thanks Asmodeus and Clara for their help in the Harvest Festival. Although he does share how grateful he is that they are his friends, Iruma does not reveal that he is a human.

Who is the 13th Student in Misfit Class?

After the Misfit students started their current term, they were informed that they must achieve rank Deleth before they go to the next term. So when they are informed that one of their classmates has rank Beth, they get curious to learn who that person is. Kalego then informs the Misfit class that there are actually 13 students in their class and the one with rank Beth is actually Purson Soi. His bloodline magic Anti-Recognition allows him to remain hidden in plain sight, which is how he managed to not get noticed by anyone in the Misfit class all this time.

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