Wes Bahr From Nailed It is Married to a Producer Turned Entrepreneur

If there’s only one word we can ever use to describe Weston “Wes” Bahr from the ‘Nailed It!‘ franchise, it would have to be endearing, owing to how he carries himself throughout host Nicole Byer‘s flirting. Yet, he’s also very clearly good-looking, hard-working, polite, and funny, all of which intrigue us fans much, much more into who he is in terms of his personal and professional standing. So now, if you wish to explore the same — specifically focusing on Wes’ overall background, career trajectory, and relationship status — we’ve got the details for you.

Wes Was Born and Raised in Prairie City

Although Wes, or Weston Bahr, prefers to keep a significant portion of his private experiences away from the limelight, we know he was born and raised in Prairie City, Illinois. It’s thus no surprise that his parents’ information is limited or unconfirmed at the moment, yet he has made it evident that one of the crucial figures in his support system is his elder sister. There is a massive age gap between him and Teri Bahr-Peterson (who married her husband Todd nearly 28 years ago), but the sibling duo has always shared a positive, deep bond.

Wes’ Professional Journey

From what we can tell, it was in 2009 when Wes earned his Bachelor’s degree in Film/Video Studies from Florida’s Full Sail University, following which he immediately stepped into the industry. One of his first jobs was as a Production Assistant for ‘G Love’ (2009) and ‘Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too’ (2010), from where he gradually rose the whole entertainment ladder. In fact, Wes evolved into a Stage Manager, Sound Mixer/Boomer, Coordinating Producer, plus Assistant/Associate Director, enabling him to have more than 25 completed projects under his belt as of writing.

Coming to his current standing, Weston “Wes” Bahr reportedly continues to serve as a Stage Manager turned Associate Director within the entire, deeply expansive ‘Nailed It!’ franchise to this day. Though, if we’re being honest, he came into the spotlight owing to host Nicole Byer alone, something he, the renowned comedian, and the show’s judge/pastry chef/chocolatier Jacque Torres all second.

“I think Nicole made Wes,” Jacque once said in an interview with Vulture. “Nicole somehow got this idea of calling Wes all the time. He is a good-looking guy, and everybody likes to look at him.” The comic/actress/host then candidly added, “[The producers] were like, ‘And Wes is going to bring in the trophy.’ And I was like, ‘Then where is he? Where’s Wes?’ Then it became a thing. Now I just abuse it.”

As for Wes’ own opinion regarding him essentially being treated as eye candy and muscle man alone on ‘Nailed It!, he expressed in Nicole’s podcast ‘Why Won’t You Date Me?’ that he thinks “It’s funny. It’s weird and embarrassing. Especially because the first and second season, the entire gag is that I’m terrible at my job,” which is obviously not at all true.

After all, if Wes were terrible, he wouldn’t have credits in productions such as ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Food Wars’ (2023), ‘Crime Scene Kitchen’ (2021-2022), ‘Supermarket Stakeout’ (2020), ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ (2018), ‘Top Chef’ (2017), as well as ‘Camp X-Ray’ (2014) amongst many others.

Wes’ Happy Home: Wife and Kids

Unfortunately for all fans and hopefuls, Wes is a happily married man — he has been with his partner Jessica (or Jess) since the early 2010s, only to tie the knot with her in 2016. It appears as if she’s a television producer turned entertainment entrepreneur as well. Together, the couple shares two beautiful children — a daughter named Rowan Winter Bahr (born December 2019) plus a son called Stellan Robert Bahr ( born August 2022).

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