Wesley Zachary From Tex Mex Motors: Everything We Know

If you admire classic cars, then Netflix’s ‘Tex Mex Motors‘ is a reality show you cannot miss out on. The series follows a group of automobile experts who have come together to start a new business by buying cars from Mexico and restoring and selling them in the US. One of the most notable names from the crew is Wesley Zachary, a man whose fabrication skills helped the team come out of exceptionally tight spots. If you are eager to know more about the automobile expert, worry not because here is everything we know about him!

Wesley Zachary’s Background

Wesley Zachary grew up in the Texan city of Celeste and was once a student at the local high school. His interest in cars manifested several years ago; he has converted his passion into reality throughout his life. The Netflix star is quite a family man and enjoys spending time with his loved ones whenever possible. He also seems to enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and is always eager to share more and more about the world of classic cars with his internet followers. Wesley’s other interests include playing guitar for a musically inclined audience.

Wesley Zachary’s Profession

As it turns out, Wesley was part of the armed forces for some time and now looks back at his time of service with pride. For more than two and a half decades, he has been active in the field of car restoration and specializes in fabrication. This means that no matter the vehicle you bring in, Wesley’s magic will ensure the vehicle’s body returns to excellent shape. On August 13, 2020, the reality TV star became the Owner and Operator of Zachary Customs, a company named after himself.

Zachary Customs is based in Celeste, Texas, and takes pride in its metalwork skills, given the Founder’s specialization. However, they are not purely dependent on raw talent and have the creative vision to back it up to create genuinely eye-catching bodies that one cannot help but admire. Wesley’s seamless work with metal earned him significant points with other members of the Netflix team.

Wesley Zachary’s Wife and Kids

As of writing, Wesley is quite happily married and is a proud father of three daughters and a son. His eldest daughter turned 26 in October of 2022 and is someone that the Master Fabricator is immensely proud of. Simultaneously, his second oldest daughter, Layla, is, as of writing, a senior in high school. As for the most adorable family member, the youngest, Zachary, graduated from pre-kindergarten in May 2023 and has made her parents immensely proud. Wesley also enjoys spending time with his son, whether it’s through outdoor activities or jamming on guitar together. We wish the ‘Tex Mex Motors’ star the best in his life and hope he and his family remain blessed by good fortune.

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