Wess Schulze My 600-Lb Life Update: Where is He Now?

Created by Jonathan Nowzaradan, TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life‘ is a reality series that first aired in 2012. The weight loss journeys of various people across the US who are either 600 pounds or over when they first appear on-screen have always served as motivating stories to the viewers. Given just how much effort some of these cast members have put into their bodies, the public is always eager to be updated about their lives. The same holds for Wess Schulze, who appeared in the show’s eleventh season and immediately captured the audience’s attention. If you are wondering just what he is up to these days, we have your back!

Wess Schulze’s My 600-Lb Life Journey

When 36-year-old Wess entered the TLC show, he was determined to turn his life around and accomplish his goals in the future. While talking about his life, he explained that his parents had divorced each other when he was just a toddler. As Wess grew up, his father was often absent due to his work, leaving his older sister as his caretaker. The cast member divulged that one of his family members was “sexually abusive” toward him. Given the dire circumstances that the young boy found himself in, he turned to food for comfort.

Wess weighed 705.1 pounds when he started his journey under Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now’s televised weight loss program. However, he was determined to transform himself physically and diligently followed the regime he was put upon. The TLC showmakers documented the first twelve months of Wess’ weight-loss journey as he continued to make impressive improvements. Given his private nature, it was not easy for him to be so openly vulnerable about his past and present.

As Wess’ weight-loss journey completed one whole year, the man’s physique had changed drastically. He now weighed 477.6 pounds, having lost 227.5 pounds during this time. At that point, the reality TV cast member seemed ecstatic about his progress and was eager to see how much further he could go. Since Wess had come out to his father as gay, the relationship between the two has tense moments. Nevertheless, the parent tried his best to be there for his son during the transformation journey, which certainly meant a lot to Wess.

Where is Wess Schulze Now?

It seems like Wess has continued to work on his physique and his weight-loss journey. In a Facebook post from February 2023, he was pretty happy to share just how far he had come in his mission. “OMG, I AM FREAKING OUT! I just tried on a pair of jeans… 11 inches or roughly five sizes smaller than I used to wear! And they are about one size too big!” he explained. Indeed the reality TV star has been quite ecstatic about his time on the show and has been happily promoting the TLC series through his social media channels.

It seems like Wess continues to work at the same place he was employed during his time on the television series. Albeit, his weight loss journey has apparently made some quality of life changes as he can now easily use his desk. The one-hour-long workout sessions that Wess often undertakes have undoubtedly helped him achieve his goal. As for his personal life, he seems to maintain a close bond with most of his family members.

Wess talked about his strained relationship with his father in the TLC show. However, it seems that part of his life is also improving. “It’s continually evolving,” Wess shared the same with Distractify and added, “Today was better than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.” Wess’ story is nothing short of inspirational as he overcame his past demons to change his life for the better and start a new chapter. We wish him the best for his future and hope his optimism stays strong.

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