What Does John Say to Sarah at the End of Django? Theories

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Sky Atlantic and Canal+’s Western drama series, ‘Django’ ends with a chaotic final episode where all hell breaks loose on New Babylon. The Lady descends with her army from Elmdale to burn John’s safe haven to the ground, but the residents of the free town are ready to fight back for it. The finale was always supposed to be a showdown between Elizabeth and John, who have maintained a complicated relationship over the years.

Despite his love-hate relationship with the Lady, it is Sarah that John truly loves, and it’s to her that he whispers his last goodbye. What does he say to his “child bride”? What final message does he have for the people of New Babylon? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Were John’s Final Words to Sarah?

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John and Sarah laid the foundation of New Babylon, hoping to create a place that would be home to anyone who felt adrift in the world. When John went to his father to ask for a piece of land to build a home for his family, he expected a place where he could at least grow something. Instead, what he gets is a barren piece of land. When he sees the land, John is infuriated with his father, but a young Sarah doesn’t lose hope. She believes they can truly create something better there, and this gives John hope, too.

Over the years, John becomes so protective of the place that he is ready to do whatever it takes to save it. After all the ups and downs in his life and all the bad things he’s done, he believes that New Babylon is the only good thing he has built. He also feels attached to the place and wants to preserve it because he thinks this is his compensation for what happened to Sarah’s family. He had wanted to kill her father, Julian, to avenge his son’s death. But things got out of hand, and everyone, including Sarah’s siblings, was brutally killed.

That night, Sarah was the only one who survived, and she buried the trauma of seeing her whole family die in front of her in the back of her mind. She forgot that John was the one who instigated the violence that claimed the lives of innocent people and destroyed her life. Somewhere down the line, as John lies to Sarah about what happened that night, he starts to believe those lies himself. However, he could never let go of the guilt. When they founded New Babylon, John believed this was Sarah’s home, something he’d given her in place of what he took away. This is why he refuses to leave the town and is ready to fight to death for it.

In the end, when he is shot by Elizabeth and is counting his final breaths, he says something to Sarah. It is not revealed what he said, but it could probably be an apology. Not only was he responsible for killing her family, but he also lied to her all these years. Perhaps he wanted to clear his conscience before meeting his maker. However, why must he make it such a secret if he just wanted to apologize? He could have also apologized to Django, aka Julian, because, due to John’s action, Django lost his family and didn’t see his only surviving daughter for eight years. What was it that John could only tell Sarah?

John and Sarah had known each other for barely eight years, and despite their love and devotion for each other, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was revealed that John was keeping more secrets from her. He knew that Elizabeth wasn’t yet defeated, and she would come back to claim what she thought was rightfully hers. John would want to give Sarah and the others something to help them fight back.

In a later scene, during John’s funeral, Sarah makes it clear that she is not leaving New Babylon and is prepared to fight for it, no matter what it takes. While she has generally been a confident person, one can’t help but wonder if Sarah knows something or has something she believes can turn the tide in her favor. Perhaps John told her about some hidden treasure, some secret about Elizabeth’s past, or the name of a person who could help save New Babylon. Whatever it was, it instilled confidence in Sarah, who will defend her home to the death.

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